I Am Not Gone

I am not gone
While you cry with me
I am not gone
While you smile with me
I am not gone
While you remember with me

I will come
When you call my name
I will come
When I feel your pain
I will come
On your final day

It could never be
That we
Would never be

We shall always
Be together

I am not gone.

Michael Ashby c/o www.thefuneralpoem.com and kindly brought to the attention of astralunity members by David George in remembrance of dearly loved wife Mo now residing in Spirit.

Blessings to you David from AlanC at astralunity.com

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2 Responses to I Am Not Gone

  1. pat richards says:

    beautiful x

    • acarter says:

      Thank you Pat,
      A beautiful verse indeed and hopefully one that helps many people find some comfort!
      Blessings from AlanC

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