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Bus Blast in Volgograd and threatened Hanging in Iran…

The UK ‘BBC News’ recently referred to the death of five people from a bus blast and there was also a bulletin referring to a threat to hang a drug smuggler in Iran, whose previous hanging had failed.
There is a contrast here some would say, between ‘slaughter of innocents’ and someone, that some may perhaps say, deserves their ‘just desserts’. But is this so? Is there a common thread here, on the basis of asking a simple question…is it right that any human should decide the fate (death) of another human being?
There is potential for putting forward Religious and Political arguments, both ‘for and against’ on each incident. This is where Human Kind fails. The Spiritual argument is simple. Every soul deserves to live in peace. Only when someone steps across the boundary of not treating someone else with love and respect, should a punishment be considered. But who decides such punishment? Should such punishment include death? What is death then? Is that the end of the matter?
Whatever your religious or political persuasion, the fact remains that death is a great ‘leveller’. However, is it really the ultimate ‘end of the matter’? If you asked the victim or physically departed, or indeed a spiritualist medium about this, they may well beg to differ!
A human being does not generally see beyond the physical world. The average person would conclude on this basis, that death is indeed the end of the matter. However, if that same person lost a loved one, then they would usually seek solace in the notion that death was not the end, but was in fact the beginning of a transition to a new plane of life! There are those that also believe furthermore, that such transition is also only part of a cycle of re-incarnation leading to re-birth. Where then, does that leave us? If forced Death was acceptable, then why bother with life at all? That is another fundamental in itself and is dealt with in another part of
As it stands, human kind is failing in its duty, as regards the notion of earthly life being a phase in a much larger ‘lifecycle’ of the spirit or soul (which again in themselves are distinctly different yet mutually inclusive elements of human existence)! Is it fair to state that the responsibility of human kind then…is to ensure that all life is nurtured, respected and cared for in an environment of Love and Peace? Where transgressions are in evidence against others on the part of human beings, should we not educate and condition the transgressor to prepare him or her for the next life, rather than despatch them to that next life without correction? Does this not mean we have failed in our collective duty of care toward that person if we simply send them on their way without affording them enlightenment?
One could (or rightly should) argue, that it is time (or never too late at least) to remodel the global society and incorporate some necessary elements. Such elements must acknowledge the fact that the physical life is only a phase amongst other facets, that are individual yet collective parts of the overall essence of being human. We need to remove political and religious bias and human prejudice, until all that is left is sound reason and the spiritual connection that binds us all. New principles will beget greater advancement for all human kind and, from increased enlightenment, each and every individual will be in a position to perpetuate love and peace for the ultimate benefit of all life.
World Leaders, the gauntlet has been cast!  
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