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Reading the news on the BBC today, I notice reference to a lack of and therefore shortage, in research on the subject of Breast Cancer.

What strikes me is that there are a proliferation of charities in many countries, that could all be working to the same aim with a common purpose, in many different areas (not just cancer research) if only there was a way of co-ordinating their funding and ‘pooling’ the effort they expend!

I understand that Companies have an incentive not to co-operate in such research, when related ‘in-house’ advances provide a commercial edge, but what about the humane edge? Corporates too have their part to play then!

There will hopefully come a day when people realise that the overiding reason for any advancement should not be profit related but humanity related. ‘People’ should be placed before ‘Money’ in an environment where a formula is reached to compensate all concerned for their share in development, through the returns made after deployment of life saving drugs and treatments. It may sound utopian at present, but that is because the concept is alien under current operational frameworks.

There are some fine academic institutions around the World and some extremely capable scientists around the World in industry but also in all walks of life. Also let us not forget the invaluable resource that is in retirement. Let us hope and pray that someone in a position of responsibility, with that spark of conscience and necessary leadership, can be encouraged and supported to bring such resources together and eventually put a stop to the endless waste and duplication in cross country activities. The World is one. Therefore so should the efforts of people responsible for the World be co-ordinated as one, for the greater good of the World’s population. This includes a requirement for individuals to think also not just of themselves and their loved ones, but also their extended family, on a global scale.

We all have our part to play!

Love and Peace
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