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Welcome to the launch of Astral Unity. A web site dedicated to passing on spiritual guidance, philosophy and messages of hope and love from cosmic spirit energies, and for promoting global peace and unity through the medium of the internet. Hosted and … Continue reading

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What is the point?

I am often asked (usually by loved ones in grief) what is the point of life? If we are born to die, why even bother? The answer is not 42 c/o Mr Douglas Adams! Picture oneself, or a bird, a plant … Continue reading

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Reflect and meditate as time is short…

Our time on earth is short and our spiritual development is measured by the limitations of our experiences and the progress we make (through our interactions with others where this has been possible) whilst in the physical plane of existence. … Continue reading

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Spare a thought…

Spare a thought A blessing too For those less fortunate Than me or you That they find comfort And satisfied need Through sharing and love less selfish greed The world we see Is balanced not Whilst some have plenty And … Continue reading

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