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How to destroy a Planet – Climate Change…

Clearly the systems of Capitalism, Communism, Industrialisation and social, ethical and wealth differentiation between the World’s Peoples has failed. Ah the true price of personal gain, making a profit and desiring power over others since time immemorial!

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The World and Illegal Immigration

Although developed Nations are not ready for it… The analogy is quite simple really! Or is it? You are in a boat… The person you see in the sea is crying for help. Do you pull them into the boat… … Continue reading

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What if we had started as a global, rather than fragmented society?

Some thoughts! Under ‘The world as a global system’ and to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals… Where would you sensibly place the global population? Where would you place global food crops and storage of harvests? Where would you … Continue reading

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