Is Religion becoming an outdated concept?

Religion can be futile!

When a nutcase, who cares nothing about human life, can suddenly declare a ‘Caliphate’, call himself the successor of a ‘Holy Prophet’ (amidst ordering the death of many thousands), and at the same time declare himself ‘Commander of the Faithful’, then how can this be considered credible in any way whatsoever?

Also, where are the other religions of the World, that should be unified in condemnation?

Sitting on the fence, is where they are, and so we see the same weaknesses that have allowed a case for War, Death and needless Suffering, to proliferate, the World over and time after time!

Meanwhile. In a place and time of sense, there are some Churches working together to give air time and also ‘Mass’ time, to a pilgrimmage for rain in Qala, Malta. Invoking not just Christian prayer, but Muslim too!

The fact is, that these churches are leading by example. Working and praying together for a common aim of good and peace.

There is no room for religion as a means to its own ends. Religion, like Politics, must be representative of its people and their societal needs. In fact, it should go further, and recognise the sanctity of life and its interactions with life energies in all forms!

The World is changing, and if religions do not change with it, then they will only serve to be manipulated and ultimately reinforce the abuse, arising from the wants and expectations of the few!

Choosing the correct spiritual path, does not mean that one must follow archaic doctrines, that historically serve only those in Power, often at the expense of individual ethnicity or belief. Promoting discrimination of Gender, Race or Creed.

Men and Women are equal, with a shared responsibility for looking after our planet and also, one another! If your religion does not say this, then it is shamefully out of date and unenlightened as to the modern spiritual path.

Demand change now, before a dark veil draws over the earth and envelopes all of us.

Love and Peace
Alan C

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  1. Dear Alan C,
    Orthodox religious faith is a process of induction to think in a non spiritual manner based upon accumulated scripture, doctrine and dogma. Through constant repitition as a child grows up, in the home, at sunday school, church and denominational school or college, that individuals mind is programmed to believe in a particular way. Different races, cultures and religions, much like different languages, means that individual will think, believe and communicate in different ways.
    The tragety in orthodox religion is the spiritual call or awakening of a Prophet is a common universal one, but its interpretation varies because of their language, culture and race. Like language, this has led to a variety of religions and even different sects within those religions. Conflict, aggression and warfare has been the outcome and this is opposite to the original message of the Prophet. Muhammad’s spiritual message after his revelation in a cave outside Mecca was initially one of peace but the attempted assasination by the Pagans of Mecca meant he fled to Medina and developed an aggressive code of conversion to those who opposed him. This is not the message of a true Prophet – conversion by force or assasination.
    Regards, Michael.

    • acarter says:

      Dear Michael,
      Thank you for your inspired thoughts and message regarding religion and concepts behind its evolution. I agree it is a shame that common forms of communication have been lost in the process. Indeed, the message of a true Prophet is not the promotion of force or assassination or conversion to another faith. Only when we look beyond religion and recognise our inherent spiritual connection to each other can the world truly progress.

      • Dear Alan,
        The tradgety of life in the 21st Century is that orthodox religion is more concerned with increasing its revenue by expanding its numbers through a faith that places the church as an intermediary betwwen God and human beings. By not promoting self knowledge in how to obtain a spiritual state of mind through an educational system designed to promote transcendence from a mind based upon the external environment and material assets to a mind that emphasises our spiritual nature focussed on love, dialogue, empathy and compassion towards others and the natural environment, we wallow in a make believe culture. Propaganda where happiness, harmony and world peace will be obtained by domination of others through political systems, warfare, religions, trade embargos, etc. is a denial of reality. Universal peace and harmony between cultural groups and nations will only occur when humanity is brought to its knees by the immanent threat of self extinction. The human mind, its arrogant ego and lack of insight into the forces that promote world discord have changed little over thousand of years. Survival of the fittest throuigh aggressive warfare still blights our ascent from our ancient reptilian origins. Our higher mental functions in the orbito-frontal lobes of the neocortex are still dominated by our mindless aggressive nature arising from the reptilian component of our primal brain stem and adjacent areas of the diencephalon. It is such a tragic situation that appears beyond the capabilities of the United Nations. Like many others I believe we are entering a very dangerous period in human history where national leaders are on a collision course through self interest and belief in their own propaganda.

        • acarter says:

          Dear Michael,

          Thank you for your valued contribution and considered comments. I agree there are interests being served in Religion through creation of revenues for many purposes, and whilst that in itself throws an emphasis on ‘self-interest’ in some respects, I also appreciate such funds are also put to many charitable uses for the benefit of those most in need. It is a difficult balance to find, as some would argue that such benefit would not otherwise have been available in absence of any funding from the provider. I think that is where transparency of the religion becomes a key point.

          Your argument on promotion of ‘self knowledge’ however, is not lost on me. As you say, helping people gain the enlightenment and meditative tools necessary to obtain a spiritual state of mind and thenceforth allow themselves to gain transcendence through a spiritual nature focussed on love, dialogue, empathy and compassion towards others and the natural environment, is essential. Yes their attention to the ‘virtual world’ around them, is a distraction from their otherwise naturally inherent spiritual capabilities.

          The gaining of Universal Peace and harmony between cultural groups and nations is a lot more difficult prospect I agree. It may only occur when humanity is brought to its knees by the immanent threat of self extinction, but by then that may be too late. The positive energies we send and the spiritual wisdom we can all promote, especially through the education of up and coming generations, must also have its part to play I believe. As you say, we must all do our bit, to turn the human mind from its current arrogant egotistical and materialistic stance which ultimately leads to the veiling of those forces at work that that promote world discord. Allowing it to fester and grow in its influence and hold which affects us all.

          I too believe we are entering a very dangerous period in human history. I wonder if national leaders, even if they can reach beyond there own (or their nations) self interests, are capable or enlightened enough, to put the necessary controls in place beyond the sphere of their own limited influence. Even the great ‘superpowers’ of the worlds biggest nations, may not be able to realise the changes that must now be implemented if the world and its peoples are to stand any chance of achieving even basic parity and spiritual ascendance.

          I guess the shortcomings on such matters as we have debated, should become the root of common prayer. Blessings for the philosophy and wisdom of your valued comments.

  2. Michael J.R.Marsh says:

    Dear Allen,
    Many years ago when under immence psychological pressure I had a particular psychological experience that changed my outlook on life. It was an awareness of an instinctual higher conscience above the level of my own moral and ethical standards in life, in the correct way to live our lives embracing peaceful co-existence, truth and love for our fellow man. It was an inner voice a bit like our conscience but on a higher plane of cognition. As I did not consciously initiate such a cognitive train of thought it must have arisen from the unconscious region of my brain. After many years of researching the medical literature in developmental psychology, psychiatry and ancient religious scriptures I realised this transcendental cognitive experience was more attuned to a Call or Kundalini Awakening. Through a process of internal dialogue with this “higher conscience” I made the decision to write about this experience using the knowledge gained through recent research in neuroscience and developmental psychology and how this process is a function of our instinctual spiritual nature retained in the unconscious area of our brain. I believe this psychological process is similar to what Paul experienced on the road to Damascus or Mohammad had in a cave outside Mecca. I had hoped the website on Google + “Genomics Neurotheology and Ancient Wisdom” would influence individuals to think more deeply about the reason and purpose of our evolution from our primal ancestors but it appears the populace is not enlightened enough to embrace this concept during the current era. Nature is a progressive evolutionary process and I hope our species at some future time will embrace this higher conscious awareness granted to us through our unique genome. It is a rare opportunity that may not come again in the history of our planet.

    • acarter says:

      Dear Michael,
      Your path that led to enlightenment is really interesting. To me it represents the same realisation and opening of cosmic consciousness as that mentioned in the book of the same name. i.e embracing peaceful co-existence, truth and love for our fellow man. Once that inner voice is activated and link to higher awareness is achieved, then I believe it can never be closed. On this basis it seems reasonable to conclude that this episode should indeed be viewed as the ‘transcendental cognitive experience’ that you describe. I am sure that, between our efforts and your own particular website on Google + “Genomics Neurotheology and Ancient Wisdom”, we will eventually influence individuals to think more deeply about the reason and purpose of their evolution and the future part we must all play. I discuss on AU, the many self interests that must be overcome in order to create a better world, but despite this, the change should still eventually be realised, given enough time. That to me is reason enough to continue the strong, yet incremental process that we have contributed toward in our own small way. I see many changes now. Collectively this shows a dynamic move forward. The star children of the world are coming into their ascendancy I am sure, against a backdrop of cleaning up the mess of the past. Thank you dear soul for your most valued contribution. AlanC.

  3. Holley Delvalle says:

    This is very fascinating, You are a very professional blogger.
    I have joined your rss feed and stay up for seeking extra of your excellent post.

    Additionally, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks

    • acarter says:

      Hi Holley and thank you for your most valued feedback. I am spurred on to post more regularly as time permits, by your kind words. Blessings to you :)

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