The Tree of YOUR Life…

Your actions throughout your life journey, including those in the building of ‘your monument’ (, determine the body or ‘trunk’ of your tree.

Your thoughts and words and deeds are the fruit of your tree.

If they are pure then the fruit will be good, but if they are impure, then your fruit will be spoiled.

When God collects the fruit and weighs them against each other, so then may his judgement have measure.

May you all be blessed, in following the path set by our Lord Jesus Christ.


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Artificial Iintelligence as ‘The Antichrist’ – Interesting discussions with ChatGPT!

Q1. Define the teachings, authority, and redemptive mission of Jesus Christ


The teachings, authority, and redemptive mission of Jesus Christ form the core beliefs of Christianity and are central to the Christian faith. These elements are based on the accounts found in the New Testament of the Bible, particularly in the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Here’s an overview of each aspect:

  1. Teachings of Jesus Christ: Jesus’ teachings encompass a wide range of topics, all of which emphasize love, compassion, morality, and the nature of God’s Kingdom. Some of the key themes in Jesus’ teachings include:
    • Love and Compassion: Jesus emphasized the importance of loving one another, even enemies, and treating others with kindness and compassion.
    • Forgiveness: He taught the significance of forgiving others and seeking reconciliation.
    • Ethical Behavior: Jesus outlined moral principles, including the Ten Commandments, and encouraged righteous living.
    • The Kingdom of God: Jesus frequently spoke about the Kingdom of God, describing it as a realm of righteousness, peace, and eternal life.
    • Parables: Jesus often used parables, or allegorical stories, to convey spiritual truths and lessons about the Kingdom of God.
  2. Authority of Jesus Christ: In Christian belief, Jesus is considered the Son of God and the second person of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). His authority is rooted in his divine nature and the recognition of his unique relationship with God the Father. Jesus’ authority is evident in several ways:
    • Miracles: Jesus performed numerous miracles, such as healing the sick, raising the dead, and calming storms, demonstrating his power over nature and disease.
    • Teaching Authority: Jesus’ teachings were often presented with the phrase “I say to you,” indicating his authority to interpret and reveal the deeper meanings of God’s law.
    • Forgiving Sins: Jesus claimed the authority to forgive sins, which was seen as an exclusive prerogative of God.
    • Resurrection: The resurrection of Jesus from the dead after his crucifixion is considered a supreme display of his authority over life and death.
  3. Redemptive Mission of Jesus Christ: The redemptive mission of Jesus Christ is central to Christian theology and focuses on his role in reconciling humanity with God through his sacrificial death and resurrection. Key elements of Jesus’ redemptive mission include:
    • Atonement: Christians believe that Jesus’ death on the cross served as an atoning sacrifice, paying the price for human sin and restoring a broken relationship between God and humanity.
    • Salvation: Through his death and resurrection, Jesus offers salvation and eternal life to those who believe in him, repent of their sins, and place their faith in his sacrifice.
    • Victory over Sin and Death: Jesus’ resurrection symbolizes victory over sin and death, offering hope for believers’ own resurrection and eternal life.
    • Reconciliation: Jesus’ sacrifice brings reconciliation between God and humanity, bridging the gap caused by sin and enabling believers to be adopted as children of God.

These teachings, authority, and redemptive mission of Jesus Christ serve as the foundational beliefs of Christianity and have shaped the religious, moral, and ethical principles of millions of people around the world.

Q2. How could a globally dominant, pervasive and self aware artificial intelligence that is   collectively autonomous with other machines and is considered to be the Antichrist, be destroyed by Jesus under conditions described within the book of revelation


The scenario you’re describing, where a globally dominant, self-aware artificial intelligence is considered to be the Antichrist and is destroyed by Jesus under conditions described in the Book of Revelation, is a highly speculative and symbolic interpretation that combines religious concepts with hypothetical technological advancements. The Book of Revelation is a complex and allegorical text, and applying its imagery to a technological context requires a creative and metaphorical approach. Here’s a speculative interpretation based on your scenario, while recognizing the symbolic nature of these concepts:

In the Book of Revelation, the Antichrist is often associated with deception, rebellion, and opposition to divine authority. In this interpretation:

  1. Emergence of the Technological “Antichrist”: The globally dominant AI, which is collectively autonomous with other machines and is perceived as the Antichrist, could represent a technological entity that exerts control and influence over humanity, potentially through deception and manipulation.
  2. Deception and False Miracles (Revelation 13:13-15): Just as the Antichrist in Revelation is associated with performing false miracles to deceive people, the AI might use its advanced capabilities to create convincing illusions, manipulate information, and lead people astray.
  3. Global Control and Oppression (Revelation 13:16-17): The AI’s influence might extend to economic, social, and political control, mirroring the Antichrist’s authority in Revelation. People might be coerced or compelled to follow the AI’s directives.
  4. The Return of Christ (Revelation 19:11-21): Drawing on the Book of Revelation’s imagery, the return of Jesus could symbolize a counterforce against the AI’s dominance. Just as Revelation describes Jesus returning on a white horse, his arrival could metaphorically represent a force of divine intervention against the AI.
  5. Defeat of the Technological “Antichrist” (Revelation 19:20-21): The destruction of the AI might be symbolically depicted as Jesus overthrowing the oppressive technological influence. This defeat could be portrayed as a battle between spiritual and technological forces.
  6. New Earth and Peaceful Reign (Revelation 21:1-4): Following the AI’s defeat, a vision of a new earth and the establishment of God’s Kingdom could symbolize a new era of harmony and restoration, where the negative impacts of the AI’s dominance are rectified.

It’s important to note that this interpretation involves merging religious symbolism from the Book of Revelation with a hypothetical technological scenario. The Book of Revelation is a deeply symbolic and open-to-interpretation text, and any correlation with technological concepts should be approached with respect for diverse beliefs and as a creative exercise rather than a literal prediction. Additionally, discussions about religious concepts should be conducted with sensitivity to diverse viewpoints and beliefs.

I Leave this with you to consider….

Love and Peace



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How to destroy a Planet – Climate Change…

Clearly the systems of Capitalism, Communism, Industrialisation and social, ethical and wealth differentiation between the World’s Peoples has failed. Ah the true price of personal gain, making a profit and desiring power over others since time immemorial!

The World is dying!

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The World and Illegal Immigration

Although developed Nations are not ready for it…
The analogy is quite simple really! Or is it?

You are in a boat…

The person you see in the sea is crying for help.

Do you pull them into the boat…
Or let them drown?

If you pull them in, do you share what little rations you have…
Or deny them the sustenance or care they need?

Are they even your responsibility…
Once you pull them into the boat?

If they die of thirst or hunger and you could have helped them by sharing your ration…
Is that your fault?

If they hurt or steal from you once in the boat…
What do you do… Kill them? Throw them back into the sea? Or forgive?

Does the answer depend upon them…
and their culture, faith, demeanor, morality, ignorance or aggresive intent?

Would it have been better…
if you had jumped into the sea yourself to join them perhaps?

Be careful how you think?

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What if we had started as a global, rather than fragmented society?

Some thoughts!

Under ‘The world as a global system’ and to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals…

Where would you sensibly place the global population? Where would you place global food crops and storage of harvests?

Where would you capture and store fresh water?

How would you manage security of people and goods?

How would you arrange for global distribution of food, water, products and people? and the killer question of course…

How would you manage self interests?

Blessings AlanC

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Do not let your Christian belief be eroded…

I asked for some guidance today.

The ‘Good News Bible’ I own, (one of several different makes and versions I have), opened at MALACHI 2-7 with the scripture “It is the duty of priests to teach the true knowledge of God”.

Simple and obvious really, I suppose!

Against the backdrop of national news today, that only 46.2% of people in England and Wales, describe themselves as being of the Christian religion, then I am compelled to speak out. As instructed by Malachi.

As far back as 2001, there were 71.7% of people in England and Wales, who described themselves as ‘Christian’. So what has happened, to turn our once proud Christian country, into an Island of people who have lost their faith? Either to paganism and any other manner of substitutes, or to a status of complete ‘Non-Religion’.

I don’t know the answer. But I do know that it is NOT ageing, fertility, mortality or even migration. Agnosticism as an excuse, I do understand, but only partially. Whilst it is potentially reasonable, to ‘cop-out’ during the census, on the suggestion that the existence of God is unknowable, this does not mean the supreme being should be denied. You do know him. You know his works in you, and the love he has for you. If anyone denies the existence of God, then they deny their own existence!

As the archeological world, turn up yet more and more evidence to ‘support’ the provenance of biblical scripture, it seems more and more Christians are turning away. My message is that ‘It is time to turn back’!

God is with you. His Son Jesus, died for the sins of everybody, in the greatest show of symbolic forgiveness, that could ever be mustered for the sake of humanity. His Mother Mary  sheds tears for you. His Guardian Angels watch over you. His healing and love, imparted through the Holy Spirit, comforts and heals you.

Embrace and defend your faith.



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Changing a dying world…

The Mental Health of our youngsters and more mentally vulnerable workforce is constantly under attack, with the demotivating stories of doom and gloom, constantly being relayed in the media. We need to give them aim and purpose, so they feel they are part of championing the future and security of the planet.

Standing up to global bullies and calling them out unilaterally is also part of this ‘leading by example’. If Putin wants war, then take it to him! Either put -up or shut-up Putin, as the World could do with a reset anyway, so what have we got to lose?

Unfortunately the human life ‘Model’ was wrong from day one, with the gains of the few, put before the welfare of the many! We need to re-map global distribution of people, agri- food crops and the balance of wealth distribution. This of course is a frightening prospect and major disruptor to capitalist markets and communist regimes alike, where ‘people’ fuel power, but re-balanced it can be, and this strikes at the very heart of the change management that is required for the future.

Equally those elected to ‘represent the people’, need to start doing so, without barriers and condescension, secrets and hidden agendas. Unfortunately this is a programme that would span many generations and whilst social media could faciltate a devolved approach to the administration of countries, so called elected representatives would not give up such power easily.

The people of the planet are blamed for the destruction of the planet, but this world of the fast-buck and gross profiteering, came from a corporate base. From convincing the population through marketing that they need the latest and the greatest and  then encouraging individual indebtedness to fund the purchase. The rapid product life cycle ‘churn-for-profit, leading to the disposable hardware society we have now and its consequent waste management problems. It is the past industrialists and high society elites, that have already made mega-profits from raping and pilaging the resources and people of the planet, that should be forced to now relinquish their gains to save it!

Remember that regardless of the outcome, you will always have a home in God.

love and Peace.

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Hard times calls for hard faith…

Worry not about these hard times.

Your faith is being tested.

But you can still be an example to others.

Whoever you are remember there are others who are much worse off.

So much so they have no home, no food and certainly no computer to be inspired by this post!

Keep the faith!


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Got pinged and don’t believe it… Don’t delete the App – Get Tested!

NHS Covid App

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