Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

At this Christian festive time, I should just like to wish all the peoples of the World a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

‘Merry’ in the sense that we should all rejoice, in the fact the we have the potential to Love and Care for each other as spiritually connected individuals, regardless of race or religious beliefs!

‘Happy’ in the knowledge that we are loved by one universal and life-giving force, who will ultimately be there for us, if we follow the basic rules of allowing Love and Respect to prevail toward each other, in order that we should live with other life energies in Peace and Harmony.


AlanC x

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Global Spiritual Unity…

With atrocities all around the World in the name of terrorism and counter terrorism, one is left to wonder if humankind, will ever get it right!

The solution is far more complex than dropping a few bombs on terror groups, or sending the odd drone to do some clinical ‘removal’ of terrorist representatives. Similarly, terrorists will never be able to justify pointless killing of the innocent!

The true solution can probably never be achieved as the World is today and, with the above circle of events caught in a never ending loop!

Yes it would be ‘convenient’ if there was a dwindling source of terrorists to worry about. If they all wore a suicide vest and blew themselves up, then surely, eventually, the problem would just resolve itself!

Sadly, whilst there are people who succumb to the rhetoric and brainwashing tactics of others, then there will always be a fresh supply of ‘would-be’ martyrs. Ready to take innocent lives in the name of whatever cause.

The real solution lies in tackling issues in the global community, that humankind has created as part of its natural evolution. Today there are too many self interests to be protected in the name of maintaining ‘power’ and ‘control’.

Ask yourself, what would you do differently if you were starting again now…

Remove poverty by sharing the worlds food and water resources proportionally between nations?
Ensure equable treatment of other fellow human beings, equal opportunities, equal rights, equal pay?
Remove World boundaries?
Adopt one common language?
Implement a common trade system between all Countries?
Have all individuals pay into a World Social fund for global welfare?
Ensure people understand their spiritual responsibilities that extend well beyond a short physical life on Earth?

Unfortunately the enlightened solution above, will never become a reality, whilst there is self interest in the name of ’National Interest’ and this applies throughout the World.

The solution then?

The World must think and act as one co-ordinated body and that does not mean a ‘G20′, Independent states, or even Independent Countries. Write as many treaties as you like and it will still result in a demarcation between interests. Nobody owns a ‘Country’ but we all share a World! To think spiritually, requires a formal recognition that the World belongs to all people and accept too, that everyone is linked both spiritually and by virtue of common existence and humanity. It is not what you are or what you own… it is what you do for others, deferring to doing the right thing and not the wrong, that matters!

This is a big ask for World Leaders and currently they are not up to the challenge! So until then we must accept that terrorism is a fact of life. A by-product of the inadequacies of the current World Order. Let us hope and pray, that one day the population of the World awakens and realises the error of its ways.

I am proud to be a citizen of the World, united in spirit with my fellow human beings and bound (by the inherent knowledge of what is right and wrong), to do the correct thing by my counterparts, looking after and caring for them and the natural world around us. Why not purge your own thoughts and start again on the right path?

It is never too late to make a start!



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Ever Near…

Today I saw an Angel
Bringing Love from Them to You
It was crouching by your bedside
I knew just what to do
I told you it was there for you
The Energy so clear
Reaching out your hand to feel it
You sensed your loved ones near
They feel your pain, so they come close
Oh, if only you could see
A veil between, but nonetheless
Around us they can be
“Fear not” they say, “the life you lead
Nor feel lonely or unsure
Guidance comes from up above
With Love and Light so pure
Walk the path and know your goals
Set your life-bar high
Then walk in Faith, and Hope, and Love
And you can touch the sky
Know that we are here for you
In every step you take
And when you falter on the way
Learn from mistakes you make
Yes, we could make change, its true
But that  would break a rule
 Just know that when your time has come
We will pick you up from School.”
Love and Peace
Alan x
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Where is my Monument?






Born to live and destined to die…
But what about that which lies between?

If we are born to a life of privilege or dramatic deed…
then our future is probably assured in the historical records of life!

But what of the average person?
Or even those seeded, that never come to term?
Those born that never take their first breath?
Are we all otherwise born to have no testament,
to our very existence on this earth?

I recall waving as I drove past my dear Father,
We travelled to work in the opposite direction on the same long country road.
This happened every day for some years.
But now I drive the same road and, of course, there is no wave!
Just a loneliness. A memory of that which once was.
So where is dad’s monument? Could it be that memory?

What of my Mother?
Will ‘I’ be her testament to existence?
What of ‘her’ monument when ‘I’ am gone?

I guess that offspring at least, can provide some kind of testimony,
for the next or subsequent generations…
But what when they are gone?
What about all others whose existence has been surpassed,
to the point where there are no more generations perpetuating memories?

Perhaps it is too much to ‘expect’ a monument. Egotistical even?
Maybe we are supposed to be forgotten as individuals passing through this life.
Who knows!

Personally, I think it is quite wrong not to be remembered.
Even for a short time. In some way.
Yes. We must make the most of loved ones when they are with us.
But we must also make the most of them, when they are gone!

Stories, recollections and remembrance, particularly passed on to the young,
is perhaps a good place to start.
Photographs and token evidence of existence such as heirlooms,
items that were important to the owners and bearers,
should be passed on, even for a short time at least, to others. Family and Friends!
These alternative ‘monuments’ or ‘testimonies’ may not last forever,
but it is surely better to mark life with something than nothing?

I say “go now and start building your monuments”.
Your own. Created by your own deeds, especially toward others.
Create monuments of your loved ones, by laying markers.
Whether it be by a memorial on sites such as ‘Astral Unity’,
or the passing-along of memories and photographs, by way of family links, or even Social Media!
Long term, or short.
Make that effort!

Even to light a candle and spare a thought for a few moments…
Registers an acknowledgement, which becomes of itself, a monument to that existence.

Love and Peace.


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Cleansing a school from Poltergeist activity…

Just a few weeks ago I was called upon as part of a specialist team of mediums, to cleanse a school of poltergeist activity. It was reported that several strange events had taken place in the school, such that there were now some very frightened children and staff needing our help and assistance. An attempt had been made earlier by another mediumship team but the poltergeist had firmly spoken and said it was not leaving. As well as this verbal activity, other events that had happened included cold spots, computers turning themselves on when they had been switched off, strange bangs and noises, ghostly sightings of a male entity, and taps turning themselves on in the children’s toilets. All of this was enough to stop the children (and adults) from wishing to use certain parts of the school and presenting no-go areas particularly for the school caretaker.

Upon entering the school and meeting some of its staff, it was immediately clear that their stress levels were at a max and they had witnessed enough activity to become distraught. I led the team and tasked them to deploy the following equipment:

  • All Spectrum Camera – (to photograph the main areas of activity)
  • Laser Thermometer – (to detect hot and cold spots)
  • EMF Meter – (to detect fluctuations in electrical energy)
  • Compass – (to detect shifts in electromagnetic energy)
  • Black Light – (to distinguish orb energy from air contaminants)
  • EVP Recorder – (to record sound extending beyond normal human frequency range)
  • Thermal Camera – (to detect and record temperature based spirit activity)

Initially the main rooms of activity were swept with the above equipment. Whilst temperature and EMF variations were recorded in the computer room (where computers had been affected in the past), and the rooms containing the toilet block, there was a specific range of feedback from several instruments in a storeroom/garage type building, which was located between all the rooms affected. The mediums clearly detected orbs, spirit colours and spirit energies within this room. There was one point in this room in particular that presented a vortex of energy, sufficient to turn a compass to read opposite poles. This is where I located myself and I concentrated my efforts on tuning in to this energy to engage in communication with the entity there. The poltergeist/spirit was a little hesitant at first, but eventually came forward to communicate [See thermal images below which captured this moment].

Spirit coming close and touching the boundary of my aura for communication










After taking time to carefully and calmly communicate with the entity, the poltergeist then withdrew its energy. At several points during the discussion, the Poltergeist said yes and I understand. This was recorded upon the EVP [with recordings below].

Thank you Yes Still Here

After the discussions, the energy eventually left the building(s) and a protection prayer was invoked to place light and protection around the school and the storeroom in particular, with no apparent recurrences being reported since.

Blessings from AlanC x

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A Sad World…

As I sit here…
reading books excluded from the bible.
I think of the great injustices of life!
The ability of humankind, to manipulate others
by word and deed, lies and misdeed,
to defraud and deceive for personal gain.
Could it be this World is, and is not, what God intended?
Yet he planned for it. Must have!
Else - was it wise to build everything on trust alone?
 I do not question god, or godhead or infinite power.
It is people that I question!
I wonder, if he is capable of such, does god feel disappointment?
Something is going to happen, perhaps needs to happen?
That is of biblical proportions…
I would ask, even then, like the Holy Books teach us… Will it be enough?
Whilst the beat of every mans heart…
fails to recognise the forces of good and evil played upon it…
then there will be WAR!
A World that hosts darkness, Is a World that hath no Wonder
Save for those bent on sinful ways!
The Love and Peace of our Lord, be with us all when we fall!
Yet still, we can Pray for the light…
Even a small gap in the curtain…
can throw enough light on the path, to guide others on their way.
The Father can chastise the Child, but who will chastise the Father?
Bring that which is within, without!
That all may be learned in their ways.
Love and Peace from AlanC
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No to terrorism!

With one small voice amongst many I ask,
ISIS and any terrorist regime, please will you stop this?
Stop this needless, pointless, fighting and killing,
causing pain and suffering in the name of what? Religion? Idealism?

We are all human and should live together as one people,
let us respect one another and indeed, all life.
Please become enlightened. Do not let evil take your hearts. For those who kill others, there is not Martyrdom only an emptying of the Soul’s progress!

Your physical life, deeds and interaction with others, will determine your spiritual path. This can be an upwards and progressive path!

Instead, your lack of insight, application of inner knowledge to control your very being, causes ultimate submission to dark forces, this can only expose your spirit to a downward spiral of selfishness and self destruction! Therefore, you will never know the true error and futility of your ways until it is too late!

The path of true enlightenment comes from your God-given wisdom, the knowledge of right and wrong that is within us all and is our task on earth to uncover, acknowledge and practice. We must help others to progress with their life-lessons and this means preserving life, not taking it! Turn back towards the light now! Know Love and Peace. Feel it! Live it!


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The Spirit Portal

He gazed upwards at the Portal,
that perfect ring of light.
A Tunnel with voices and sometimes form,
there, both day and night.
His face was one of distant thought,
pondering what came through.
A mix of dread and wonderment,
as loved ones called him to.
He knew a Journey lay ahead,
yet could not/would not face the fact.
That he had to leave those that he loved,
an awful scene to act!
“You’re all just waiting for me to die”,
a thought he voiced as true!
A reflection of his mind perhaps,
knowing there was nothing they could do.
Oh yes, they had tried several times,
when all, but Hope, was lost.
But even Chemo, his ‘Medicine’,
came at just ‘too Great’ a cost.
The Soul was willing, the Doctors too,
to try and gain more time.
To no avail, he lost his strength,
had reached his ‘End of Line’.
The Portal, it was steady now,
a floating Tunnel so bright.
The vision clearer, what to do,
emotion mixed with fright.
“Fear not” said I, to re-assure,
we know your journey is near.
The hands extend to guide you home,
just trust, the path is cleared.
There must have been a threshold crossed,
when his mind could finally rest.
A leap-of-faith, accepting those so dear,
could continue, he’d done his best.
So there it is, he stayed his course,
and showed us not to fear.
To follow one’s path with fortitude,
inspirational, it’s so clear.
I miss him, and know he misses us,
but sometimes he lets us sense,
The Sounds, the Smells, the Physical Ways,
that made our Love feel so intense!
He is with me now, as I write this note,
and I thank him for our Love.
The message here, is everyone’s,
they stay close to us, those above.
Thank you for your Love and Life Dad
God Bless


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So this is Christmas…

Hello everybody and here we are again at Christmas, a religious festival and possibly time for some, to meet or greet family and friends. However, this period and the coming New Year also, is a time to reflect and consider past events and evaluate also where we (or the World at large) are going with our lives. So…

  • Is it about the Christmas Tree? No.
  • Is it about gifts and presents? No.
  • Is it about being with our family and friends? No.

We can all become wound up in the gaiety of celebrations and pious rites, in the name of our oft-coincidental religious faiths. What we should not lose sight of however, is the fact that, regardless of one’s own religious stand point; anecdotally at least, a man was born into the World at this time 2000+ Years ago, who eventually gave up his life in the name of promoting World Peace, ‘irrespective of Religion’.

This individual, whom we have all heard of, was born a person first and foremost. He was delivered to us, to provide a simple message to other human-beings, in fact he even left us ten simple rules to follow, to ensure our future well being when living together.

It is time now to remove the shrouds, that have been cast over our eyes and hearts in the name of Religion, and accept one simple fact. We were all born equal! It is our collective responsibility, to provide a duty of care over all life on this earth and the best way to set the example, would be to start with our fellow human-beings.

My message, is equally as simple as that from above, ‘Do Not’ go forward into the New Year as an indoctrinated robot. Make that change for the better. Embrace the ten rules and put being a loving, caring human-being, before religious dogma or anything else. Let us create a New and enlightened World together, Now!

Love, Peace and Blessings.



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Losing a young life…

There are many who would ask… why did it happen so young?

One must remember that each precious moment that we live (yes even at a cellular level in  conception, in the womb or even in a coma), we are serving some higher spiritual purpose.

To experience even a fleeting moment of life, is still to “Live a Lifetime”!

We must carry this thought with us when losing any loved one, at whatever stage they reached in life. A Mayfly can live anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours, yet it will be liberated spiritually for every micro-second of its existence. So too, are those whom we love and have lost, as they take their life-long journey across their own time-line of ‘being’.

I say, therefore, let us not be saddened at our loss. Instead let us be thankful on behalf of our loved ones, for that joyous opportunity that, against great physical and chemical odds, presented a moment for them to join us in the physical world. Providing meaning and value to both their own and our own life, for a time… however short!

Love and Peace.


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