Tourism in Spain and its effects

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Lost on the journey of life…

Although some people can have few others that they may be able to rely upon, there comes a time when they feel they need a confidante, or an independent viewpoint to help them see a way forward in life.

It may seem difficult to understand in some respects, but when this situation occurs in life, it could be that the last thing they need is someone else. Although an independent viewpoint can help, the individual concerned must still end up making up their own mind anyway in the end. On this basis they do not need someone to understand their position, the lost soul in this instance, needs to get to the point where they understand themselves and the position they are currently at, on their own life path. External involvement could actually cloud judgement and delay self enlightenment, unless of course the external listener is a counsellor and therefore trained to help in such matters.

The person facing their life dilemmas, must learn to gather their thoughts and still their mind (through quiet contemplation or meditation) and, in so doing, raise their awareness to a higher level of consciousness in order to establish how they feel within themselves, what their position in life is, and compare this with the feelings they should like to have and the position they should like to be in. Once this understanding is realised, then and only then, will they be able to correct their course and get on the life path that is best for them.

They must concentrate on all the positive aspects and try to maintain them, bearing in mind that there may still need to be some adjustment to the extent of this, as finding a life balance often requires compromise. The compromises will be even greater if a partner or dependents are also involved.

When considering the negative aspects of their lives and what they should like to change for the better, there must sometimes be ruthless change. Often a new start may be necessary and this could affect others around the person, however once understanding of the change that is necessary has been achieved, then it is the persons responsibility to themselves (and those around them) and their own happiness, to make it happen!

There then, lies the formula for true balance and whilst an external source may be able to aid this process, the answers are far better coming from within and as a consequence of a persons deeper understanding of their own necessities in life.

A consequence of bringing about change for the better, may lead to a period of isolation and possibly result in a feeling of loneliness and self-doubt, especially if it means ending a relationship(s). This again is an often necessary phase in the human life cycle, for a person to go through, when re-balancing their position to meet what will be the right emotional and physical path of existence that is right for them. Change whilst difficult and painful, is necessary and often unavoidable, when a person is seeking to adjust their lives to meet their needs and expectations in life.

The question the individual must overcome when taking all of the above into consideration is, will the change(s) involved (even if implemented incrementally rather than all at once), justify all the pain and hard emotion that is necessary to bring the improvements about that are needed?

One thing that is certain, is that if the individual concerned is indeed unhappy with their current position in life, the situation is very unlikely to improve itself and any lifetime has only a finite period. Therefore every minute of life that should bring enjoyment and enrichment is wasted if it does not do this!

Hopefully, these few reflections can help those reading this philosophy. If you, or someone you know, faces the situation described above, then bear this point in mind; life is a journey, and requires as much attention to detail as any ocean going navigation!

There is sometimes a minor adjustment to the rudder to steer the right course, which should be manageable through the normal routines of daily life and these may be quite imperceptible. Then don’t forget the maintenance periods, where a break and refreshment is necessary in the form of holidays or getting away from it all. Other times, storms may well-up just as natural traumas and dramas do in life, this may require a pull in to port or resting up period, until such storms have passed. Then there are those occurrences that require drastic or evasive action if the ship is not to be sunk. In life these realisations or ‘wake-up calls’ may require a total change in direction, if there are rocks ahead however, one still has freedom of choice, be it a slow navigation through them or to circumvent them altogether.

These then are reflections on the path ahead. Plot your course well and make adjustments as necessary.

Love and Peace.


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It comes…

There will be labour pains during the birth of the new spirit
That child may appear ugly at first with many wrinkles
It will be unsure and vulnerable just as any child
Its walk will be clumsy though the heart will remain dogged
But God will love the child and look after it.

The child may also be weak and flounder, and make many mistakes
But it will continue to grow and become stronger & wiser
it’s limbs shall become coordinated and work together
and in time the wrinkles will disappear and reveal real beauty
The beauty that comes from purity of thought, word and deed.

The child will never be alone
There are those that will monitor its development and watch over it
Ride alongside it, protect it as it learns from within
Reflections of its love and mercy shall pour outward from it
and all will be cleansed in it’s path

Be assured that there are those who will despise the child
They will seek to deceive others in working against it
But the child’s spirit shall be one with those who see it
And their hearts shall be softened with love and understanding
The time is coming to greet the child, so prepare it’s way.

Lift up your hearts…


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Something to think about…

Something to think about...

I wonder if people in society, will ever be capable of meeting the basic challenges asked of them…

1 Have faith in God.

2 Do not bow down to or worship idols.

3 Do not misuse the name of God.

4 Set aside a holy day for remembrance of God.

5 Respect your father and mother.

6 Do not commit murder.

7 Do not commit adultery.

8 Do not steal.

9 Speak only the truth and not falsehoods.

10 Do not envy others of their goods, their relationships, their house nor anything that belongs to them.


AlanC x

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London bombings (June 2017)…

The terrorists in London last night shouted out that their terrible actions towards others were for Allah.

Normal Brits as a consequence, claimed that Allah must therefore be evil.

How sad and misguided that people can be misled in such a way. The terrorists acts were not instructed by, or would be condoned in any way, by Allah. This was said by the terrorists in a desperate bid to try and turn fellow peoples against each other!

God whatever his name given by people, will receive prayer and love anytime, but will otherwise abhor transgressions from his words which simply promote love and peace through global unity. The thoughts, words and deeds of such terrorists is the only evil that must be overcome. Such killings, just as those similarly witnessed around the globe, were just for the sake of killing and the perpetrators will be answerable to the very god they are supposed to have served. Their sentence will be harsh with their souls wallowing in the pits of hell!

God bless all peoples of the world that do not rise to the bait of sectarianism and remain united in love and peace.

Love and Peace.

AlanC x

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Recent Manchester (UK) Bombing…

I recently posted on astralunity’s facebook pages (link button is on the RHS of this site), about the Manchester Arena bombing and a contrasting post regarding Najih Shaker Al-Baldwai, a muslim man who shielded innocents from a suicide bomber recently, giving up his own life in the process.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by these terrible events. Let us be certain in our knowledge, that these acts were not perpetrated by ‘heroes’ or ‘soldiers of religion’, but by cowardly murderers. Their acts will not guarantee them a place as ‘martyrs’ within the next kingdom of consciousness, but they will reside there as the lowest form of negative energy, where their souls can never be at rest.

Meanwhile those innocent children, parents and in the case of Najih, youths that had their whole lives of potential ahead of them, will be remembered in our prayers forever. Showered with our warmest wishes of love and wrapped forever in the light of higher consciousness, with no concerns as to the torments and divine retribution such as their killers will have to face.

Eventual forgiveness ( may possibly be found in the hearts of those affected, and as such this would ultimately benefit their own spiritual progress as they continue their journey through life, but there can be no way forward for those who continue to promote terrorism and permeate the lives of innocents with murderous intentions. They have only the darkness of hell to look forward to and long may they held in its stark embrace.

The enlightened Peoples that constitute the many and varied races of the World must stick together, now more than ever, and remain united through these hard and testing times. Whilst such contrasts as those above exist to prove the point, there is still great hope for the future of mankind in our combined love and caring for each other.

Love and peace.

AlanC x

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Do not be swayed…

Nobody knows how long they have
and there is so much more to do

You may be tempted from your path
and that is up to you

As you get close to seeing the light
the deception becomes so clear

Distractions abound, TV’s, the phone
To stop you getting near

Look beyond and you will see
the task that lies ahead

Be true to those that need you most
and keep your faith instead.

Love and Peace
Alan x

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Where do new spirits come from…?

Yesterday the Spiritual Leader of a Mediumship Development Class asked me an interesting question. She said that when mediums worked on the rostrum of the Church they sometimes bring messages forward from ‘New Spirits’ rather than reincarnate spirits. This led to asking me the question above… where do new spirits come from. I asked my Spirit Guides and Angel ‘Astral’ to answer the question and keep it simple. Through meditation they gave the following answer…

… our spirit essence is formed of matter. That matter becomes ‘conscious’ on incarnation, developing more ‘self awareness’ thereafter and more ‘spiritual enlightenment’ during subsequent reincarnations. ‘New spirit’ is formed, when ‘new matter’ is formed from decayed matter arising from interactions elsewhere in the universe, thus achieving first consciousness as a human spirit, is like becoming a ‘new born child’ or ‘new spirit’!

Given that this is meant to be the simplified answer and our awareness of this quantum reality is but one tiny piece of a larger cosmic jigsaw, I thank Astral and my guides for this wisdom that has passed on to us all.

Alan at

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The news according to Astral…09/11/16

Trump for president – Why not?

Here is someone that is used to handling balance sheets, budgets and forecasts, recruitment of individuals to fulfil key roles, with knowledge of Global markets and awareness of the risks and consequences of poor strategic decisions… All of this in one man. The scenario would otherwise have to be vested in tens if not hundreds of politicians with all but a few of them struggling with the concepts of responsible management and declarations of interest! I think the outcome was a no brainer… let’s see… perhaps the change will be refreshing for USA Inc.

Tsunami… Killings from wars such as Ukraine… Allepo…

Not acts of god, so much as nature and human nature, but nonetheless our prayers are with the families of those involved and we must have faith that Angels and Spirits are there, to guide and care for the loved ones that have been lost…

Rights for Raccoons…

Why not? Earth must maintain balance for the benefit of all inhabitants, whether human, animal or plant life. Its time that humankind as a Global race, started to see the bigger picture!

Sugary drinks… Tax or Ban?

One day it would be nice if the items in most local restaurants, cafes and bars, included sugar free and healthy goods as a default, rather than items that are harmful to health with very little choice otherwise! If greedy manufacturers and retailers didn’t hurt the populace in the name of profit, then such interventions would not be necessary! Time for everyone to get involved in re-thinking priorities it seems…

Love and Peace

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Astral’s take – News 19th October 2016

News Headlines: Astral’s view…

Stabbing in Pentonville Prison… If society set and maintained its spiritual standards from birth, then prison would eventually be unecessary. The fact that prisons exist, is a testament to the failure of human society to support itself as a collective whole from the very beginning.

Trump vs Clinton… Do we really need politicians? When, with todays technology, we can all represent ourselves and have an immediate vote on matters affecting us as a global community!

Mars Probe… Let us put things right on this World first. As a global family we can conquer our planetary famine, diseases, cancer and inequality etc. before turning our attention to overcoming ‘other worldly’ aims much more effectively.

Brexit… UK Exit voters in general, were protesting against a European Superstate, with only a political say on a Euro Army, Euro Police, Euro Intelligence etc. etc. The common market is not going anywhere… any businessman would tell you that markets are a simple fact of supply and demand so no change there. To suggest that voters made a racism vote is simply an insult to the British Public.

Copper destroys MRSA… What can I say? The answers are all on mother earth. Nature and Mother Earth can look after all your needs. It’s just a shame that drug companies want you to forget this point, in order that a few chosen shareholders can be allowed to make a fortune from your health misery!

Love and Peace

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