The Spirit Portal

He gazed upwards at the Portal,
that perfect ring of light.
A Tunnel with voices and sometimes form,
there, both day and night.
His face was one of distant thought,
pondering what came through.
A mix of dread and wonderment,
as loved ones called him to.
He knew a Journey lay ahead,
yet could not/would not face the fact.
That he had to leave those that he loved,
an awful scene to act!
“You’re all just waiting for me to die”,
a thought he voiced as true!
A reflection of his mind perhaps,
knowing there was nothing they could do.
Oh yes, they had tried several times,
when all, but Hope, was lost.
But even Chemo, his ‘Medicine’,
came at just ‘too Great’ a cost.
The Soul was willing, the Doctors too,
to try and gain more time.
To no avail, he lost his strength,
had reached his ‘End of Line’.
The Portal, it was steady now,
a floating Tunnel so bright.
The vision clearer, what to do,
emotion mixed with fright.
“Fear not” said I, to re-assure,
we know your journey is near.
The hands extend to guide you home,
just trust, the path is cleared.
There must have been a threshold crossed,
when his mind could finally rest.
A leap-of-faith, accepting those so dear,
could continue, he’d done his best.
So there it is, he stayed his course,
and showed us not to fear.
To follow one’s path with fortitude,
inspirational, it’s so clear.
I miss him, and know he misses us,
but sometimes he lets us sense,
The Sounds, the Smells, the Physical Ways,
that made our Love feel so intense!
He is with me now, as I write this note,
and I thank him for our Love.
The message here, is everyone’s,
they stay close to us, those above.
Thank you for your Love and Life Dad
God Bless


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So this is Christmas…

Hello everybody and here we are again at Christmas, a religious festival and possibly time for some, to meet or greet family and friends. However, this period and the coming New Year also, is a time to reflect and consider past events and evaluate also where we (or the World at large) are going with our lives. So…

  • Is it about the Christmas Tree? No.
  • Is it about gifts and presents? No.
  • Is it about being with our family and friends? No.

We can all become wound up in the gaiety of celebrations and pious rites, in the name of our oft-coincidental religious faiths. What we should not lose sight of however, is the fact that, regardless of one’s own religious stand point; anecdotally at least, a man was born into the World at this time 2000+ Years ago, who eventually gave up his life in the name of promoting World Peace, ‘irrespective of Religion’.

This individual, whom we have all heard of, was born a person first and foremost. He was delivered to us, to provide a simple message to other human-beings, in fact he even left us ten simple rules to follow, to ensure our future well being when living together.

It is time now to remove the shrouds, that have been cast over our eyes and hearts in the name of Religion, and accept one simple fact. We were all born equal! It is our collective responsibility, to provide a duty of care over all life on this earth and the best way to set the example, would be to start with our fellow human-beings.

My message, is equally as simple as that from above, ‘Do Not’ go forward into the New Year as an indoctrinated robot. Make that change for the better. Embrace the ten rules and put being a loving, caring human-being, before religious dogma or anything else. Let us create a New and enlightened World together, Now!

Love, Peace and Blessings.



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Losing a young life…

There are many who would ask… why did it happen so young?

One must remember that each precious moment that we live (yes even at a cellular level in  conception, in the womb or even in a coma), we are serving some higher spiritual purpose.

To experience even a fleeting moment of life, is still to “Live a Lifetime”!

We must carry this thought with us when losing any loved one, at whatever stage they reached in life. A Mayfly can live anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours, yet it will be liberated spiritually for every micro-second of its existence. So too, are those whom we love and have lost, as they take their life-long journey across their own time-line of ‘being’.

I say, therefore, let us not be saddened at our loss. Instead let us be thankful on behalf of our loved ones, for that joyous opportunity that, against great physical and chemical odds, presented a moment for them to join us in the physical world. Providing meaning and value to both their own and our own life, for a time… however short!

Love and Peace.


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Charity Night

Astral Unity is pleased to announce a Charity Night held via Elite Christian Spiritualist Church, in aid of Zoe’s Place, The Alzheimers Society, Head Start and McMillan Cancer Support, charities.

All are welcome and attendance is by ticket. The event is on Thursday 3rd July 2014 from 7pm until 11pm at ‘©Liberties’ in Middlesbrough, Teesside.

For tickets visit Elite from our links page or follow the link below:

Love, Peace and Blessings from AlanC

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Words of Hope and Inspiration…

I am delighted to receive a series of donated posts from Psychic
Medium, Kerry Louise. I hope these words help readers to find
comfort if facing problems in their lives. Kerry demonstrates
that we are never alone in life, we all have problems that
eventually pass, or, at least, become accepted when placed into
context with the problems of others in our transition through


For those facing a Broken Heart…
My heart feels wounded
my dreams feel crushed
but carry on for I do trust
I trust in things in all they be
what feels wrong today may not always be
Things happen for a reason


For those seeking to move forward in life…
Let the sun shine brightly
Let the wind blow free
let us forget all pain, fear and negativity
Let old wounds heal
with new days begun
set yourself free
today’s a new day yet to be won
Good Morning everybody. Have a great day
I am sending out healing and blessings to you in everyway
For those enduring a trial of faith or the loss of a loved one…
The day before mothers day
My nan who was as my mum
Passed away
She has appeared before me tonight
to give me hugs an embrace
and some insights
All is not lost nor all is gone
we in spirit we live
we carry on
Kerry dear you know this truth
but where have you been
you’ve been aloof
wrapped up in your troubles so
helping all is
all you know
But what about when the time is you
to gift yourself
the healing that you do
You can gift to you what you gift out
there is no crime
No one will shout
The love you share is all about
it’s everyone’s love
to help us out
You are not selfish to ask for some to
I love you Kerry
as others here to
Thank you for all the hard work that you do!


For those seeking to enhance their life or facing a decision on
options if life…
Dream big
Aim high
Make that wish
then trust the skies
Send out love
Give out hope
Don’t give up
No time to mope
Kerry donates these messages with her Love and Blessings. Kerry, and of course AU, is also available for direct spiritual guidance on life. You are never alone!!
Love and Peace from AlanC
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From the seed… to the seed!

There was once a man and a woman, and from them sprung a global family..
Once upon a time all peoples in that family were together, now they are separated..
The Languages we speak were once the same, now there are many..
Along came ( ? )
The Languages can now reunite through English..
Separate peoples can now reunite through technology..
Through unity, the family love our founding parents created can be re-established and immortalised..
We all have our part to play as the ( ? ). The ( ? ) is limited only be our own contribution to society!
Blessings from AlanC.
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Picking up the pieces…

I have recently been through the torment of Divorce…

Yet Here am I…


Stage 1… awareness, disbelief, feelings of betrayal, death of self respect..

Stage 2… confusion, worry, hopes of reconciliation, looking back..

Stage 3… realisation, acceptance, rationalisation..

Stage 4… re-birth of spirit, re-emergence of self, looking forward..

Remember that people are themselves first. What happens is their will. One can either disbelieve and lengthen the pain process or accept this and shorten the healing process.

Love and Peace


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Happy Birthday

A Celebration for Julexis…

Happy Birthday Julexis, and warm wishes to you
Hope you are Happy and your family are too!
A Birthday is special, so enjoy your day
How many will share it, who is to say?

Nixon, past president, Rod Stewart too…
George Foreman the Boxer.. I hear you say ‘who’?
Think not! young Lady, its nice that you share
A day so important and a family who care.

Remembering all those with a Birthday today, all around the World and particularly those that have no family or friends to celebrate it with. Love, Peace and Blessings from AlanC.

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Suicide… Don’t Do IT!

Life may seem desperate… Don’t do it…

Whatever you do… don’t do it
lives would be shattered… don’t do it
People would miss you… don’t do it
I would miss you… don’t do it

Life can be better… don’t do it
Things will pick up… don’t do it
It may take some time… don’t do it
People CAN help… don’t do it

We know you’re in pain… don’t do it
It saddens our hearts… don’t do it
Give life a chance… don’t do it
At least let us try… don’t do it

Depression can be fixed… don’t do it
light can return… don’t do it
There are many ways forward… don’t do it
Share your burden… don’t do it

© Alan Carter 2014

Talk and discuss your feelings with others when you are low and contemplating suicide. Many viewpoints and means of help can be provided by family, friends and even strangers, that may set you off on the path to recovery and upliftment. Thoughts of suicide are usually based on particular circumstances and negative influences apparent at a particular point of one’s life, that are a phase and will heal and be overcome with time. Even through grief, the body can adapt and heal the troubled mind, given time and a support structure. The support structure comes from involving others and sharing your thoughts, fears, concerns and even aspirations. So if your life circumstances are currently causing you to consider suicide… PLEASE… Don’t do it!

Blessings from AlanC at

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Where are you?

A Post suggested by and dedicated to David George (a Dear Friend) for all who have lost a female loved one. Lyrics from the Cat Stevens’ song of the same name.

I know I think a lot
But somehow it just doesn’t help
It only makes it worse
The more I think
The more I know
The more it hurts

With only solitude
To meet me like a friend
Oh, where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?

Maybe she sits alone
Beyond the storm
Across the raging torrent of the sea
She knows I want her
And she knows I’ll always be

How can I live without the love
I cannot see
Oh where are you?
Where are you ?
Where are you?

I know there’s someone there
I hear her breathe
Behind the silence of the dark
But I know that I won’t see
‘Til we open up our eyes together
She’ll look at me
What a moment that moment will be

And she looks so light
I could fly her through the night

I know I think a lot
But somehow it just doesn’t help
It only goes to show
That what you never miss
You never know

But I have loved you from the moment
That we knew
Oh, I love you
I love you
But where are you?

Reproduced Courtesy of

Published by
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., THE SONGWRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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