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A call from home…

I post this message, wondering if it should be categorised as a Spirit Message or an item of Philosophy. Perhaps it is both? Anyway, here goes…! I awoke early on the morning of 26th February 2019, with an odd feeling … Continue reading

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Past lives revisted…

I Remember… When I was but a young boy. I see through a vignette, a window to… Medieval times? I run and play, youthful, Young thoughts of a different kind. Then something! A floating feeling I watch a skinny body, … Continue reading

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Lost on the journey of life…

Although some people can have few others that they may be able to rely upon, there comes a time when they feel they need a confidante, or an independent viewpoint to help them see a way forward in life. It … Continue reading

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Something to think about…

I wonder if people in society, will ever be capable of meeting the basic challenges asked of them… 1 Have faith in God. 2 Do not bow down to or worship idols. 3 Do not misuse the name of God. … Continue reading

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Do not be swayed…

Nobody knows how long they have and there is so much more to do You may be tempted from your path and that is up to you As you get close to seeing the light the deception becomes so clear … Continue reading

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Where do they go?

Where do they go? They must go somewhere mustn’t they? Otherwise how can they send us messages? The messages can’t come from nowhere! They go into the light. What is that? The light I mean. I Don’t know. But its … Continue reading

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Divorced – Do You Miss Me?

This is a question asked only days ago in an email from my ex-wife. I could not, or maybe did not, want to answer it straight away, as I was on business in China when I received it. However, it … Continue reading

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Moving on…

We all must learn that life is about loving or at least respecting each other, learning from the diversity of our relationships and the problems that we encounter on the way, and broadening our general experiences of life, such as … Continue reading

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Is Religion becoming an outdated concept?

Religion can be futile! When a nutcase, who cares nothing about human life, can suddenly declare a ‘Caliphate’, call himself the successor of a ‘Holy Prophet’ (amidst ordering the death of many thousands), and at the same time declare himself … Continue reading

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Where is my Monument?

          Born to live and destined to die… But what about that which lies between? If we are born to a life of privilege or dramatic deed… then our future is probably assured in the historical … Continue reading

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