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Spirit energies…

During a recent readings night, I gave six people messages from spirit, in a lengthy, individual readings session. What is interesting is that each person was attending this service, not to find a particular loved one ( which is quite … Continue reading

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Spiritualism Easy or Not?

Astral Unity posted a comment on Gabriel Szczurek’s poll “Is spirituality becoming a fix all pill without the work?”. In my view one cannot be ‘spiritual’ (define spiritual?) WITHOUT working at it. At first…to achieve realisation…then constantly thereafter to maintain … Continue reading

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Wounds still open…

My Dearest, Since your passing, I have never once forgotten you. That empty chair, items laying undisturbed, the stillness of night…all are a bleak and constant reminder of you, yet lead to the love we still share. Lay with me … Continue reading

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Wednesday Eve 26/09/12 between 6.30pm and 9.00pm there will be a series of personal readings by Elite Mediums (including Alan Carter). ‘Tickets Only’ may be obtained direct from the church at the link below: Most Wednesdays between 2.00pm and … Continue reading

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What about ‘Free Will’?

I once asked this question of a spirit guide through a development circle of mediums! Previously I had asked a spirit in trance mediumship, if we could choose not to reincarnate and return to earth? On that occasion the spirit … Continue reading

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Philosophy of self…

Have you ever wondered who or what you are as a person? Or have you ever considered how other people see you? Some would say that neither of these matter until you fully regard, acknowledge and accept your inner spiritual … Continue reading

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Pathways through life…

There are many ways that we can live our lives, but when we consider that our lifespan is gone within the blink of a cosmic eye, then perhaps we should contemplate the matter of how we live our lives just … Continue reading

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