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World Peace…

Achieving World Peace Where does it start With ourselves of course An open mind and warm heart Pure of thought, word and deed Starts first with that thought Word and deed quick to follow Or darkness may court Keep the … Continue reading

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Mediumship First Steps…

It seems a lovely feature, the prospect for a shy individual to live quietly, not having to shout to be heard or be the centre of attention, nor even to interact in a moderate manner whilst there is the easy option … Continue reading

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Message for ‘V’

Dear ’V’   You are currently unsettled and contemplating own life and worth, this is brought on by a relationship issue and it is the relationship that must be addressed.   Eating something that disagrees with you and this adds to … Continue reading

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Raising Vibration to Communicate with Spirit

I was recently asked how I raise vibration to communicate with spirit?   Firstly one must be sat in a comfortable position.   Then ensure thorough grounding to differentiate physical body from spirit form.   Cleanse the spirit with prayer … Continue reading

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Beware the Dark Path

It is all around us Yet we cannot see it It probes our mind and body And would take hold if we let it We must be alert and watchful Take care not to slip A moment is all it takes … Continue reading

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