Memorial Wall

Welcome to this, the memorial wall, where loved ones can be remembered through the Astral Unity website. Feel free to post your own remembrance wishes to loved ones around the world.

Posts will be entered onto the memorial wall at the discretion of AU, retained for a period determined by AU (although you may re-post at any time), and no guarantee can be given that all posts submitted will be posted.

AU offers love and prayers to all those who have passed around the world and a remembrance service will be held once a month for all those listed.

Memorial Roll:
Alan Carter (senior)
Mark Carter
Paul Davies
Ethel Ryan
John Ryan
Ronald Carter
Ivy Carter
Clarissa Haymonds
Fred Haymonds
Des Ryan
Derek Barcey
Harry Carter
Neil Carter
Gurdial Singh
Chris Summers
Bill Cooney
Sharon Wilson
Peter Pugh
Steven Foal
Patricia (Pat) Marshall
Craig Goodall
Leslie Goodall
Malcolm Goodall (Senior)
Dot Martin
Leslie Hugill
Don R Atkinson
Jay Ellington Lee (a special remembrance from Stevie K Farnaby)
Maureen (Mo) George and Husband David George
John Soppit
Joan (Friend of MarleneC of Teesside)
Mam (Margaret), Dad (Billy) and Eldest Son Aarron of the Wickes Family – God Bless and Keep you all in his loving care, from Yvonne, Tricia and Family x
Dear Friend and Business Partner- Alf Duffield
Shirley Taylor – Greatest Love and Sincerest Best Wishes Mum from Daughter Elaine xxx
Jane Hicks a dear friend. Sadly missed by all her church friends
John Ryan – Loved and remembered by Margaret and all of his family
BILL HOLLWEG – “Your infectious enthusiasm will be sorely missed… Sleep Tight Brother” Love from Stevie and friends
We are pleased to add the following message(s) posted by loved ones:
In Loving Memory of Alan Carter (senior)…Although you have gone to heaven above you have taken with you all my love. I know your never far away guiding us all both night and day, the memories bring smiles and tears but I feel you helping us through our fears God Bless You. Until we meet again, love will help us through our pain.  Love from Mal xx.
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10 Responses to Memorial Wall

  1. technogran says:

    thank you alan for giving me the opportunity to write a verse for my darling husband who i miss more than words can say.although you have gone to heaven above you have taken with you all my love .i know your never far away guiding us all both night and day the memories bring smiles and tears but feel you helping us through our fears god bless you .until we meet again love will help us through our pain mal xx

    • acarter says:

      Hi Mal,
      Thank you. We are delighted that you have chosen AU to post a loving memorial to your husband Alan.
      As you have discovered for yourself, our loved ones remain close to us after crossing over to spirit, reinforcing their love for us by inducing feelings of warmth and positive vibration in our day to day lives.
      We know it is a long and hard road for you but you are already taking the right steps by posting your feelings and wishes and receiving the support of our prayer services. Blessings from AU.

  2. technogran says:

    to my darling husband on what would have been our 51st wedding anniversary mine is just a simple prayer god bless and keep you in his care you are forever missed by your loving son grandchildren and great grandchildren and of course myself ,also love and thoughts to our darling son brother uncle and great uncle mark xx

    • acarter says:

      Perhaps it is true that the passing of time can help ease the pain when coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. In my experience life (and its ending) is like water flowing over a rock. The rock is still there despite the water that passes over and around it, but the original roughness of the surface fades as it becomes polished over time. Let your outer demeanour and life awareness become polished, but stay firmly planted in your faith, in the knowledge that whilst the water may flow fast and deep sometimes, it cannot cease to allow the light to shine through! God Bless Ma! X

  3. mal says:

    happy birthday alan the third one we have had to face without you here with us . A thought a tear are all we can give and these you will have for as long as we live . you left many broken hearts behind when the lord called you home but we are all proud to have been a part of your life and think of you with love .we know when you are around us and that brings comfort. god bless you and your son Mark who is in heaven with you Till we meet again lots of love and kisses are sent from all the family xxx

  4. El says:

    S Taylor .

  5. marlene carter says:

    todays date is bitter sweet to us because it is the date the lord came and took you to rest and heal with him in hes kingdom of heaven .We know you visit us and that brings comfort but your loving touch and personality is missed so very much .Its eight years AL since you left us but you are dear to us all now as you were then i like to think that that when our little one are playing and laughing that its because you are playing and getting pleasure out of them especially the two that where born after you passed and missed the pleasure of knowing you like we did .lots and lots of love to you and Mark thinking of you both always from myself and im sure from all those that love and miss you as much as i do malxxx

    • acarter says:

      There are times that we must live our busy lives and whilst doing so, it may seem to others that we have no available time to remember those that have passed through the veil. Yet remember them we do and more, in fact there is nothing closer to our hearts and minds than those we still treasure in life and those we have lost and will forever love. x

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