A call from home…

I post this message, wondering if it should be categorised as a Spirit Message or an item of Philosophy. Perhaps it is both?

Anyway, here goes…!

I awoke early on the morning of 26th February 2019, with an odd feeling inside and around me. It is hard to describe what I felt but a dullness had pervaded me, like I was waiting for something. Expectant, but not knowing what to expect. I was almost hesitant but not in the way one would be if they were anticipating an event, more as feeling a sense of curiosity, or as one waiting to see what would happen next.

The room was still and I sensed nothing, felt nothing but calm and stillness. It was like I was in a fog of still energy but not dark energy. As time elapsed, at a rate I could not determine, the following unfolded before me…

i) I maintained an increasingly sinking and closed in feeling
ii) I became totally enveloped by a tangible ‘nothingness’
iii) Time seemed to stand still
iv) My breathing seemed to be on-hold, yet I was not holding my breath
v) I had a clear sense of detachment from my physical body
vi) As I became aware of detachment and sensed I was free to pass away or stay in the physical, a fear developed
vii) The sense of separation increased, I became aware I was being pulled further into the deepening silence, time was running out
viii) I became fully aware that it was decision time, do I stay or go
ix) I realised I was not ready…I shouted out…MY GIRLS
x) Upon this exclamation I snapped back to physical reality!

The whole episode had caught me off-guard. I realised how easily I could have been called to spirit and how some earthly thought, had made the process stop. In the instance of shouting ‘My GIRLS’, I had simultaneously rationalised that

i) My Mother had already Lost a husband and her only other son and I did not want her to suffer the loss of another nor leave her alone
ii) My eldest Daughter faces a struggle with the health of my Grand Daughter and needs my help
iii) My youngest Daughter is expecting another Grand Child and would be devastated if I was not around at her birth
iv) My female Grand Children have witnessed great loss of family members in a short period of time and would face unbearable grief
v) My Girlfriend has also suffered great loss and would be devastated on top of recent family losses

All of the above and my exclamation, must have passed through my mind in a millisecond. It caused me to pause and reflect on life. More-over it made me consider the arrangements I have in place should I suddenly ‘go’. I thought I had already settled my affairs in the event of my death, when I had faced bullets in Turkey in 2016, but this whole experience made me review current arrangements and also change my Will. Time passes so quickly and I would encourage everyone, on the basis of my experience, to do the same and regularly review their situation regarding those that are left behind.

I am not sure when I will ‘Get the Call’ again, or if I will be given another opportunity to ‘opt-out’ but when I do, next time I will be ready.



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  1. marlene carter says:

    that is a very moving account alan of which i was not aware of before reading it now ,it stirs the mind and the emotions it seems ironic that i am reading it today on the memorial of your dad i came on the site to leave a memory for him because i dont know if i am allowed to mark the day. as i would normally it certainly makes you aware that we must all make our wishes as clear as possiblegod bless xx

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