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News, hints and tips emerging from development class(es).

Cleansing a school from Poltergeist activity…

Just a few weeks ago I was called upon as part of a specialist team of mediums, to cleanse a school of poltergeist activity. It was reported that several strange events had taken place in the school, such that there … Continue reading

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Question on Power Animals…

Today an interesting question arose on the subject of ‘Power Animals’, are there more than one and what do they mean? I responded as follows… There are power animals that come and go and some that stay forever. Those that … Continue reading

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They never leave us…

Yesterday, whilst in Church, working as a spiritual medium in open circle, I gave some messages to attendees from their loved ones. One was from a child spirit that had passed after only a short time on Earth and wanted … Continue reading

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Experiment Night…

Well I had an interesting experimental evening on wednesday 6th Feb 2013. I attended a mediumship development class and took along various equipment in an attempt to ‘measure’ spirit interaction in a trance mediumship session. The whole ‘Ghost Buster’ type scenario … Continue reading

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Protection and Grounding

When a sensitive ‘awakens’ the process usually starts with them having lucid dreams, or they start hearing noises, having their names called out, or they observe something unusual associated with one of the five senses. At first these activities are … Continue reading

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Spirit energies…

During a recent readings night, I gave six people messages from spirit, in a lengthy, individual readings session. What is interesting is that each person was attending this service, not to find a particular loved one ( which is quite … Continue reading

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What about ‘Free Will’?

I once asked this question of a spirit guide through a development circle of mediums! Previously I had asked a spirit in trance mediumship, if we could choose not to reincarnate and return to earth? On that occasion the spirit … Continue reading

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Using Spiritualist Tools

A guide to ‘charging’ and using spiritual tools   Set the scene, hydrate yourself, sit comfortably, perhaps lower the lights a bit (better still light a candle if it is a safe enough environment to do so) relax, say a … Continue reading

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Mediumship First Steps…

It seems a lovely feature, the prospect for a shy individual to live quietly, not having to shout to be heard or be the centre of attention, nor even to interact in a moderate manner whilst there is the easy option … Continue reading

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Raising Vibration to Communicate with Spirit

I was recently asked how I raise vibration to communicate with spirit?   Firstly one must be sat in a comfortable position.   Then ensure thorough grounding to differentiate physical body from spirit form.   Cleanse the spirit with prayer … Continue reading

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