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Astral Unity is an independent and non-profit online Church and Spiritual Centre. It provides a focal point for human and spiritual interaction and its principle activities include regular services; offering prayer for remembrance of loved ones that have made the transition to spirit, healing energy for those left on the earth plane (including all physical life) and also support, guidance, healing, philosophy and meditation to people in pursuit of offering enlightenment and love from all spirit planes.

Through its ordained minister and curator Alan Carter* (spiritualist medium, healer and psychic reader) and guest contributors, the church fulfils its aim of channelling guidance to all people, in furtherance of promoting peace and unity of all life energies and re-establishing the  imperative connection, between peoples of the world and the natural life which surrounds them. Astral Unity is pleased to provide guidance to individuals or groups and its services are free to all.

If you have found this site then you were meant to! Something on this site is meaningful to you! Cosmic and Spirit energies work in mysterious ways and it is entirely possible that they have guided you to this site for your own benefit.

Please take time to browse this site especially Spirit Messages, Prayers and Philosophy as, due to the nature of duality, such messages or other site content may well apply to your own circumstances and be a source of comfort or even inspiration.

May love and light follow you always.

Key Categories and Theme areas of the site:
Provides specific answers or guidance on the many questions that people have about spiritual matters in their lives or those of their loved ones.
Provides a basic introduction and welcome to the site of Astral Unity
This section of the site contains suggested themes and exercises that may help with either the process of meditation or subject matter to meditate upon. For rapid progress we recommend you focus your attention on empathy with those less fortunate and the additional furtherance of individual enlightenment in promotion of world peace and harmony.
Provides the latest news on developments within the world of spirituality or improvements and amendments to the content or structure of the Astral Unity website.
Out of School
This section of the site provides information and instruction on exercises and outcomes that may be acheived through experience of attending a mediumship/spiritual development class and is a reflection of the site sponsor’s own activities in this area. 
Throughout life there are opportunities for learning and personal development. In this section, philosophy received directly from spirit and related through site sponsors and contributors is shared for the benefit of the Astral Unity readership. 
Poetry Corner
This section of the site contains a selection of poetry from the site sponsor and contributors, for enjoyment as a piece of written work in its own right, or as a possible theme for meditative purposes. Remember all site content is copyright but poems may be quoted, if used on a ‘not for profit’ basis and with full credit of astralunity.com
A United Spiritual World
This section of the site contains thoughts, comments, observations, prayers and mantras that may be enjoyed as thought provoking and individual pieces of written work, that may be used for meditation or may be used as a prayer set for promoting Global love, peace and harmony. This is a section which falls outside of AU’s traditional theme of ‘Mediumship’ but the Spiritual link is there nonetheless. Church services will also feature prayers for global and individual problems and loss of physical and natural life. As above, poems may be quoted, if used on a ‘not for profit’ basis and with full credit of astralunity.com copyright.
Spirit Messages
Loved ones in spirit try many ways to contact those they left behind on the physical plane. Persons attuned to the right harmonics may receive messages from them especially during meditation. When the sponsor receives messages from spirit or alternatively, when such messages are derived by contributors, then they will be posted to this section of the site for the benefit of a wider audience. Please note that it is not unusual for a person to be ‘signposted’ to such messages (or indeed any part of the AU Site) by spiritually guided intuition, in order that they may find a parallel in the message (or AU site element) concerned for their own consideration.
Visions of the future
 Sometimes when in deep meditation or during enlightenment exercises, spirit guides or higher elements of spirit, may give messages or visions of future events to the sponsor. Such information is related to readers of the AU Site for their own consideration.
This section of the site is used as a notice board to pass on recommendations, tips and advice on general matters that may be of interest to the AU readership community.
A dedications page on the AU site which is used as a notice board, to pass on messages of love and joy for special events such as Births, Birthdays, Marriages, Anniversaries, passing of exams etc. in fact any happy event that may warrant a post for promoting love and good wishes.
Memorial Wall
Visit the memorial wall if you wish to post the name of a loved one(s) for remembrance, such post will be included in the prayer services of AU. Those that have made the transition back to spirit will be remembered in the service as well as the families they represent.
Programme of Events
This section of the site is used as a notice board to announce where and when Spiritual Mediums associated with AU may be making appearances for the purposes of providing a demonstration of Mediumship, Prayer or Philosophy to the general public.
Healing Wall
Visit the Healing Wall if you wish to post the name of a loved one(s) for healing and receipt of general energy upliftment. Such posts will also feature in the regular prayer services of AU. We invite you to offer-up your own prayer for those on the healing wall to strengthen and underpin the healing energies that are carried forward through remote healing.
Church Services
The traditional church services of AU are every Sunday 19.00 to 20.00 and every Thursday 19.00 to 20.00 GMT. There are also ad-hoc prayer sessions on a regular basis by request through emails and the Social Sites of AU and in the instances of troubles and events around the World that lead to pain, suffering or loss of life. At the regular services there is reference within Prayers to those on the Healing and Memorial Walls of AU.
* Alan Carter is also available for private readings, home/church visits or for delivering philosophy lectures and demonstrations of mediumship or healing to relevant institutions as required, on terms which may be personally negotiated with him directly. All receipts go to the upkeep of the Church and designated charities.
Note: The content of the AU website in terms of messages, philosophy and healing etc is derived through the medium’s interpretation of symbols, sounds, colours, smells, feelings and general intuition as may arise from spirit manipulation of the physical senses of the medium. As such, Astral Unity cannot accept responsibility for the overall accuracy of such messages or site content, nor any liability for the individual’s subsequent interpretation, reliance upon or actions, during or following the reading of spirit messages or any other content on the Astral Unity website. Healing is provided as ‘complementary healing therapy’ and does not denote medical intervention or opinion, for which individuals should otherwise seek the services of a registered clinician. In accordance with UK Law the content of the Astral Unity website must be deemed as ‘for Entertainment only’.

4 Responses to About…

  1. Alex S says:

    Hello! My name is Alex and I stumbled upon your site
    while doing a quick Google search. Before I get into this,
    I would like to complement your site on the theme that is currently has, simple yet
    stylish. Back on topic, I really love the posts and the quality
    of them, most of the sites that write about the same
    things that you do are very repetitive and boring.
    I enjoy reading your posts, keep it up. Guess that’s all I’ll be posting, also,
    feel free to check out my sons site if you have time (I’m still working on mine, not the smartest in tech haha Keep on blogging!

    Alex S.

    • acarter says:

      Hello Alex,

      Thank you for your kind words of support for the Astral Unity site. We try our best to provide key messages and themes in support of others and do not post the same old, same old, just for the sake of it. Hence our large gap between posts. I am pleased to share your son’s site details also and thank you for your continued support.

      Love and Peace from AlanC at astralunity.com

  2. My dear Mr
    Carter: Many years ago I ordered a psychic reading from you. It included pictures and there was no way you could have known of my moms birth place. I lost touch when I moved from Alabama. I have tried to find you periodically over the years. You use to sign Allen Carter I I. Could this be you?

    • acarter says:

      Hi Monica, Thank you for your message but I do not think I am the Alan or (Allen) you seek. Nonetheless may God be with you and help your search be fulfilled. Thanks for calling in to the AU site.

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