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Spirit Rescue…

You know…I once engaged in a spirit rescue. I purged a woman of an evil spirit by prayer and a foul smelling demon exuding goodness only knows what, came right up to my face to threaten me! I was scared. … Continue reading

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The difference between Soul and Spirit

When posed with the question of what is Soul and what is Spirit here is our answer… Yin=Soul & Yang=Spirit and is the balance between development of morality and conscience of the human essence, and the guiding principles of higher … Continue reading

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Experiment Night…

Well I had an interesting experimental evening on wednesday 6th Feb 2013. I attended a mediumship development class and took along various equipment in an attempt to ‘measure’ spirit interaction in a trance mediumship session. The whole ‘Ghost¬†Buster’ type scenario … Continue reading

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Uncomplicate Life!

If it were not for Religion, Politics and the personal failings of people, then the world would be a much simpler place. It is true that because of the potential of people to be unjust toward others, the world needs … Continue reading

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