Middle East

In a Middle Eastern Country embroiled in turmoil there is a clear line between two factions. A leader will emerge from one of them that all of the people will support and this will lead to a bloody war.
Extremists will support this war and the involvement of others will lead to the fall of countries like dominoes which will mark a dark period for three generations.
A good person, pure of heart shall be borne out of the desert to give simple philosophy which will open eyes and turn the tide for the good of human kind the world over.
Pray for for world peace. X
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  1. E says:

    What a fantastic site, was reading for hours, you certainly know what your talking about ,
    Great site

    • acarter says:

      Dear E,
      Thank you for your kind words of support for the AU website. I am pleased that you found the content of the site to be of benefit. Please continue to visit us as we will be posting more notices in the near future which may be of interest. Wishing you Love, Peace and Harmony. AlanC. X

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