Fishermen lost at sea…

During meditation I received a message from a fisherman.
Displaying an image of a squally sea and med possibly ‘Greek’ Islands, he appeared to be of an age between early and late fourties. He advised that the storm closed in and took 2 out of the 3 men on the boat.
He leaves a wife and daughter (who was in her early teens at the time) and they lived in a small hillside house/villa. He says he loves his wife and daughter. His message is for them to look at the picture/ornament with the fishing net on it and to remember him at his best and not the pain of loss.
The fisherman says there is also a younger sailor with him, slim, long dark hair and muscular of late twenties/early thirties. He also says please do not blame the master/skipper as it was not his fault. Please move on for loves sake.
They send their love. X
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