Believe in yourself…

In spiritualist circles one is often asked by novices faced with the initial ’perceiving’ of spirit, and interested parties alike, how can I/you trust what I/you receive by intuition? How do I/you know what is real? The answer is to believe in one’s self, learn to tell the difference between tricks of the eye/mind and illusions, and actual intuition. Never engage in self delusion.

Self Delusion – the act of deceiving one’s self about some aspect of reality!
Why would you do it?
 - to follow the crowd
- to escape from reality
- to try and impress others
- to seek glory
Why you should not do it!
- you mislead others and yourself
- you make others uncomfortable
- you block you own progress
- you incur negative side effects, mistrust, ridicule

 Ultimate lesson…

Do not engage in self-delusional acts as this leads to a downward spiral of negative effects. When one accepts this concept, one becomes free of such negative effects and then, uninhibited, is more capable of receiving the true energies of enlightenment.

 Love and Light be with you – Alan Carter
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