Time to build our global bond…

As we read about death and destruction with car bombings in Baghdad, troubles in Syria and the horrific market place blast in Peshawar, let us find space in our hearts for a prayer in the name of all those innocents who are affected as a consequence.

It is time to stop causing untold human pain and suffering in the name of religion, power, politics and personal gain. May the World be at peace and exist in an environment of Love and enlightenment. This is the way forward and is the only goal that we should all collectively strive toward if seeking to preserve global humanity.

We are all blessed with the gift and foresight to choose the right path. It is a divine blessing that allows us all to distinguish right from wrong. It is time now that those in a position to inflict pain or suffering, or even mental anguish on others, realise that they must exercise their right (and obligation) to refuse this path of darkness in favour of the true path toward Love and Peace. The karma of our actions now will revisit us in future generations so it is more essential now, than it ever was, to effect such change for the better.

Love and Peace

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