I just answered a poll on Spiritual Networks asking if love was blind. Here is my take:-

I believe Love is, or at least can make you ‘Blind’ from the perspective of true and unconditional love! For the last 5 months I have been on a spiritual journey through Hell, as my wife of 30 years allowed another influence into our marriage! The problem is that if I could have looked past the Love I WOULD have been able to reduce the pain I experienced by some months! My love has been ripped out of me by the roots! It is debatable whether I should have stuck with the betrayal so long but hey, 30 years of a decent marriage means one must at least try to tough it out and give it a go! I am not saying that the pain wasn’t necessary, as I have learnt a lot from the experience, but the fact is that if I had allowed my guts and my head some free reign, and not my heart, I would have realised that my wife was changing as a person and that she was wanting a different course in life as she approached her mid life term! What is interesting however, is that my overall advice to someone, even after this bitter experience, would still be the same. If there is someone special in your life give them your purest and most unconditional love, just be prepared to accept that they are their own person and it is purely through their own goodwill that such love may be returned in kind! x

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