How can we forgive someone who has wronged us?

For every wrong doing there is an underlying cause. This does not mean that such wrong doing is justifiable but nonetheless, mitigating factors (the other side of the coin) must be considered. Without such consideration there is no balance. The person(s) who would commit the wrong doing would have a reason(s) (justifiable to them at the time) for engaging in such voluntary action. The act of forgiveness is not necessarily the same as acceptance of the wrong doing, nor is it condoning any wrong doing and neither will it remove the pain. It is simply the ability to rationalise awareness of the whole scenario and come to an understanding of all the facts, as they relate to human nature and the circumstances surrounding the act. Being able to forgive, demonstrates the ability for evolved thinking and rationalisation and is a clear indication of higher spiritual awareness.

May you find Peace and enlightenment through your forgiveness.

Love and Peace from AlanC

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