It comes…

There will be labour pains during the birth of the new spirit
That child may appear ugly at first with many wrinkles
It will be unsure and vulnerable just as any child
Its walk will be clumsy though the heart will remain dogged
But God will love the child and look after it.

The child may also be weak and flounder, and make many mistakes
But it will continue to grow and become stronger & wiser
it’s limbs shall become coordinated and work together
and in time the wrinkles will disappear and reveal real beauty
The beauty that comes from purity of thought, word and deed.

The child will never be alone
There are those that will monitor its development and watch over it
Ride alongside it, protect it as it learns from within
Reflections of its love and mercy shall pour outward from it
and all will be cleansed in it’s path

Be assured that there are those who will despise the child
They will seek to deceive others in working against it
But the child’s spirit shall be one with those who see it
And their hearts shall be softened with love and understanding
The time is coming to greet the child, so prepare it’s way.

Lift up your hearts…


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2 Responses to It comes…

  1. Dear Alan :-) Such a pleasure to recently meet you on SN as well as take deeply in your SOUL’s precious thoughts, intentions, and scribings! Shine on ever so bright beautiful SOUL! love Barb XXXX

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