Last Rites Through Prayer…

As my dear friend Bill faces transition, I joined him in a short prayer service delivering a special prayer which is posted below:

Lord hear our prayer
Brought to you in hope and faith and love.
We are gathered here in front of you,
United at the doorway of your light.

As the way into your kingdom
Opens up for our friend Bill,
Let him not have cause to be afraid.
For he kneels before you, penitent in his faith oh Lord.

Lord, let Bill’s heart and mind be unburdened,
as he has made his peace on earth.
In preparation for his journey,
When he will be guided into your light.

Material possessions mean nothing now,
And Bill will not mourn their loss.
For his needs will be met within you,
And the love that you surround him with hereafter.

Bill asks that those loved ones left behind,
Receive your strength and courage.
That they may be calm during the storm ahead,
As grief takes its hold, as it must, for a time.

Let those who have known Bill,
Remember him with fondness.
Looking back upon those good memories they share,
and strengthening their bond

Lord, Bill would ask that you kindly allow him,
to gift his loved ones with his spiritual  presence at times,
To bring them your grace and mercy,
when they need upliftment in their lives.

We ask this in thy name oh Lord, which is love and peace and light.


Copyright and Alan Carter and posted with permission of Bill himself.

The above prayer brought Bill much comfort (Bill described it as “Beautiful”). You could adapt the prayer for your own loved one(s) by changing the name.

Love and Peace AlanC x

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