Moving on…

We all must learn that life is about loving or at least respecting each other, learning from the diversity of our relationships and the problems that we encounter on the way, and broadening our general experiences of life, such as to acquire wisdom that may then be passed on to guide others.

If we cannot do this, then we return to our spiritual home with empty hearts and a suitcase full of stories that refer only to missed opportunities. We must suffer as part of this process, but equally we must also accept that it is quite correct to embrace the good moments along with those bad experiences, in order to maintain Karmic balance.

Think and act positively toward others and this will bring love and light into your life. Engage with negativity and the reverse will apply. If then, we do indeed become a product of what we think, then let our thoughts go out around the World, to consider and pray for all those souls that are suffering great pain, trauma and loss. You may ask, How does this seemingly negative focus help us?

By allowing ourselves the opportunity to recognise and relate to the adversity and burdens of others, we feed our natural empathic feelings and, through that, allow our spiritual growth to prosper. From darkness let there be light and so, let a new level of enlightened humanity be born into this World.

Love and Peace

AlanC x

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