Things Children Say…

This question was put to me for ‘my-take’ on it…

A nine year old, recently in touch with a family bereavement, asked his Grandma…”what happens when you go to Heaven?…what if you don’t like it and want to get out of Heaven?”

In the first part of the question the Grandmother replied that Heaven was a beautiful place full of light and love. Therefore this makes the second question all the more interesting…Why?

Well, in so much as, if the little boy had understood and accepted the reply to his first question, then the second question should not have arisen!

Age is the important factor in this scenario and you would not be criticised for considering if a two or three year old would have asked the second question, after having been given the first answer!

The reason is simple and basically comes down to two key themes. Firstly that of the distance of the young child from his ‘spiritual’ ‘home’ (by some nine years). The second is in terms of his familial/societal programming (think the logical song here), wherein a younger (pre school or new primary school child), would not have received as much external influence on his thinking (aka diluting the prior knowledge of his spiritual home), to the same extent as the nine year old, relative to age.

This (to me at least) demonstrates how the development of human society is self-defeating in its approach, with respect to maintaining spirituality amongst people. This whole scenario can be related to the development (or erosion) of self awareness in the individual concerned, and if not corrected by family/society, could be an underpinning principle leading to the consequence of driving out the spirituality of society at an early age.

Now there is no right or wrong answer on the part of the Grandma. The lady answered in the best and most sensitive way she could. If anything though, this is where society needs to concentrate its efforts the most, in re-establishing the fundamentals of love and respect for one another and all things spiritual. Implementing such a thread to others at an early age, or at least as soon as they are able to understand.

This matter could possibly have been addressed through Religious Education but in these days of political correctness such education is falling out of favour. However, this is not an argument in favour of Religion, so much as an argument for addressing core moral values of society from an early age!  Imparting it in a sensitive manner such that a child can understand the meaning of integration with all life energies, under the auspices of love and peace.

It is worth the investment. Children are definitely our future! Heed the warning that is clearly plain to see from such examples as this and provided so eloquently by our innocents!

Love and Peace from AlanC.

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