Through My Eyes…

If only you could see, through my eyes…
The trees are glorious, surrounded by colour
Resplendent in a sparkling golden shroud,
The grass too…Not green, but energised in silver and blue
Even the roads, inanimate objects, have their own aura!
People too wear a shroud made of light…
Children are surrounded by a rainbow of coloured energy.
My heart is filled with wonder and love, and yet, dismay too…
My nose, is attuned to smells both good and bad,
My ears cause me to move as they hear sounds of joy and laughter.
But I hear sounds of sadness and crying as well, Dark energies feasting,
I see people with the blacks and grays of illness,
As I sense and know the World in its raw state.
The good energy but the bad too, and so, I know, yin and yang…it has to be!
Am I blighted or gifted, am I going mad, who can say?
It depends on your point of view, perspective even!
What more in the World, or even for the World can I do?
Live a life that is ever turning a blind eye, not so easy an option.
Think of this as you retire to bed, close your eyes, shut out the World and relax…
When I go to bed and close my eyes, all I see is pure white light…
I hear spirit whispering in the night, I sense energies that are curious afoot.
Sincerely, I bid you all…Goodnight!
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