Wounds still open…

My Dearest,

Since your passing, I have never once forgotten you.

That empty chair, items laying undisturbed, the stillness of night…all are a bleak and constant reminder of you, yet lead to the love we still share.

Lay with me when I sleep. Light the corners of my mind when I daydream. Be close to me at the break of every new day. Take my hand. I still feel you! I still sense you! I will always love you.

I think not, now, only of the raw loss. I know there is more to life and to me! I will give what I can, while I can. As footsteps in the sand you will carry me. When needed, you will help me to carry others.

When I cry now it is bitter yes, but my tears are for those whose pain is yet to come. As I know the twists and turns of the journey I have suffered, so may I be there to help others as they follow.

I give thanks for the memories and moments we have shared. As this life is but a twinkle of a star in the cosmos, rest assured that we will be together to laugh, love and reminisce soon enough.

May the Lord be ever with you.


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