Message for ‘V’

Dear ’V’
You are currently unsettled and contemplating own life and worth, this is brought on by a relationship issue and it is the relationship that must be addressed.
Eating something that disagrees with you and this adds to your ‘pulled down’ feelings.
The bright bubbly person inside must be rediscovered.
Writing thoughts in a diary helps release tension and gain perspective. Write a letter to your guide and ask for guidance in your sleep.
Unhappy about a scar or body issue but you must look beyond this and research others that are worse off to appreciate how lucky you are in comparison. This relates to a lack of confidence that can only be addressed by positive thinking. Try meditation or relaxation techniques. Address this matter and there is a bright route ahead and some good fortune.
Spirit link to Marie/Maria/Mary and she is giving you a gift like a birthday present now so this must be near a birthday or anniversary for you.
Feel or open up to the love of angels around you and do not fear the future and whilst I know you have 3 kids in the picture, I see you and 2 children (or maybe they are siblings) together more. (My guess is you may have to lean on your family for support).
Change of career direction maybe in the same or similar field but as a job possibly with a big company could be your way forward. Are you thinking this? If so maybe you should do it!
Purple flowers with a lovely scent brings upliftment.
Blonde/light curly haired old lady (mother figure) brings love to you. You must open up to feel that around you. More love and peace is on its way if you can lift yourself from a problem in your current relationship.
Hope the above helps.
Best wishes.
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