Where is my Monument?






Born to live and destined to die…
But what about that which lies between?

If we are born to a life of privilege or dramatic deed…
then our future is probably assured in the historical records of life!

But what of the average person?
Or even those seeded, that never come to term?
Those born that never take their first breath?
Are we all otherwise born to have no testament,
to our very existence on this earth?

I recall waving as I drove past my dear Father,
We travelled to work in the opposite direction on the same long country road.
This happened every day for some years.
But now I drive the same road and, of course, there is no wave!
Just a loneliness. A memory of that which once was.
So where is dad’s monument? Could it be that memory?

What of my Mother?
Will ‘I’ be her testament to existence?
What of ‘her’ monument when ‘I’ am gone?

I guess that offspring at least, can provide some kind of testimony,
for the next or subsequent generations…
But what when they are gone?
What about all others whose existence has been surpassed,
to the point where there are no more generations perpetuating memories?

Perhaps it is too much to ‘expect’ a monument. Egotistical even?
Maybe we are supposed to be forgotten as individuals passing through this life.
Who knows!

Personally, I think it is quite wrong not to be remembered.
Even for a short time. In some way.
Yes. We must make the most of loved ones when they are with us.
But we must also make the most of them, when they are gone!

Stories, recollections and remembrance, particularly passed on to the young,
is perhaps a good place to start.
Photographs and token evidence of existence such as heirlooms,
items that were important to the owners and bearers,
should be passed on, even for a short time at least, to others. Family and Friends!
These alternative ‘monuments’ or ‘testimonies’ may not last forever,
but it is surely better to mark life with something than nothing?

I say “go now and start building your monuments”.
Your own. Created by your own deeds, especially toward others.
Create monuments of your loved ones, by laying markers.
Whether it be by a memorial on sites such as ‘Astral Unity’,
or the passing-along of memories and photographs, by way of family links, or even Social Media!
Long term, or short.
Make that effort!

Even to light a candle and spare a thought for a few moments…
Registers an acknowledgement, which becomes of itself, a monument to that existence.

Love and Peace.


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