Changing a dying world…

The Mental Health of our youngsters and more mentally vulnerable workforce is constantly under attack, with the demotivating stories of doom and gloom, constantly being relayed in the media. We need to give them aim and purpose, so they feel they are part of championing the future and security of the planet.

Standing up to global bullies and calling them out unilaterally is also part of this ‘leading by example’. If Putin wants war, then take it to him! Either put -up or shut-up Putin, as the World could do with a reset anyway, so what have we got to lose?

Unfortunately the human life ‘Model’ was wrong from day one, with the gains of the few, put before the welfare of the many! We need to re-map global distribution of people, agri- food crops and the balance of wealth distribution. This of course is a frightening prospect and major disruptor to capitalist markets and communist regimes alike, where ‘people’ fuel power, but re-balanced it can be, and this strikes at the very heart of the change management that is required for the future.

Equally those elected to ‘represent the people’, need to start doing so, without barriers and condescension, secrets and hidden agendas. Unfortunately this is a programme that would span many generations and whilst social media could faciltate a devolved approach to the administration of countries, so called elected representatives would not give up such power easily.

The people of the planet are blamed for the destruction of the planet, but this world of the fast-buck and gross profiteering, came from a corporate base. From convincing the population through marketing that they need the latest and the greatest and  then encouraging individual indebtedness to fund the purchase. The rapid product life cycle ‘churn-for-profit, leading to the disposable hardware society we have now and its consequent waste management problems. It is the past industrialists and high society elites, that have already made mega-profits from raping and pilaging the resources and people of the planet, that should be forced to now relinquish their gains to save it!

Remember that regardless of the outcome, you will always have a home in God.

love and Peace.

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