Words of Hope and Inspiration…

I am delighted to receive a series of donated posts from Psychic
Medium, Kerry Louise. I hope these words help readers to find
comfort if facing problems in their lives. Kerry demonstrates
that we are never alone in life, we all have problems that
eventually pass, or, at least, become accepted when placed into
context with the problems of others in our transition through


For those facing a Broken Heart…
My heart feels wounded
my dreams feel crushed
but carry on for I do trust
I trust in things in all they be
what feels wrong today may not always be
Things happen for a reason


For those seeking to move forward in life…
Let the sun shine brightly
Let the wind blow free
let us forget all pain, fear and negativity
Let old wounds heal
with new days begun
set yourself free
today’s a new day yet to be won
Good Morning everybody. Have a great day
I am sending out healing and blessings to you in everyway
For those enduring a trial of faith or the loss of a loved one…
The day before mothers day
My nan who was as my mum
Passed away
She has appeared before me tonight
to give me hugs an embrace
and some insights
All is not lost nor all is gone
we in spirit we live
we carry on
Kerry dear you know this truth
but where have you been
you’ve been aloof
wrapped up in your troubles so
helping all is
all you know
But what about when the time is you
to gift yourself
the healing that you do
You can gift to you what you gift out
there is no crime
No one will shout
The love you share is all about
it’s everyone’s love
to help us out
You are not selfish to ask for some to
I love you Kerry
as others here to
Thank you for all the hard work that you do!


For those seeking to enhance their life or facing a decision on
options if life…
Dream big
Aim high
Make that wish
then trust the skies
Send out love
Give out hope
Don’t give up
No time to mope
Kerry donates these messages with her Love and Blessings. Kerry, and of course AU, is also available for direct spiritual guidance on life. You are never alone!!
Love and Peace from AlanC
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