Merry Christmas…?

As festivities start and people stir,
Enjoying Christmas and New Year
We remember all of those we love
That have crossed the veil to Heaven above

I know you too, have crosses to bear
That make life hard this time of Year
But remember please there are those around
that care enough, to keep you sound

Though the days are long, and nights are longer
Our Love endures and makes us stronger
For those around us that need our hand
In times of hardship we can understand

So whilst sitting in the quiet, reflect on this
Knowing life is crazy and ‘hit and miss’
There are things we can do, to help others along
So that when they are weak, we can be strong.

Wishing you all…a POSITIVE Christmas!

Dedicated to Marlene and family, Trish and family, Dave G and family and the lovely Mo.
Love and Peace from AlanC x

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas…?

  1. technogran says:

    thank you alan for your words of comfort and best wishes and all best wishes i hope you find comfort and strengh in helping others through their very tough times god bless you x

    • acarter says:

      Thank you Technogran. Our loved ones never leave us and often send us signs that they are still around. Be at peace with the thought that there is only a small distance between us and them. They can see us any time but we must be still and let our minds be at peace to see them. Just as a one way mirror really in a way. Love and Peace. xx

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