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My father who died 9 years ago is been disturbing my normal dreams, no matter what I’m dreaming he just appears on them, I don’t know why, I’ve asked him while I’m dreaming what he is doing in my dreams but he doesn’t talk to me, he died in a tragic way, so I don’t know if he wants to say something.

Thanks for any help.

Astral Unity

Hi J,

In my experience, there are many reasons why spirit contact us. Usually it is when our thoughts are turning to thinking of them and wondering how they are doing in the spirit world.

However, there are also occasions when spirit are drawn close by problems on the physical side. They come to offer love and healing energy and I suspect this is the case with your visit(s). You have done the right thing by asking why your father has chosen to visit you. All that is left really is to consult a medium or visit a spiritualist church open circle, where you may well receive a more definitive message. On a more general note you should work through your immediate circle of close friends and immediate family, as it could well be that there is someone there that needs help, but is sitting on their problems.

Another possible answer is that you could actually be emerging as a medium yourself. I myself, received re-awakening calls during my sleep, (typically just going over or just as emerging from sleep) as I had known mediumship traits at an early age. My post on this on AU ‘Philosophy of self’ may also give you an indication of what this means.

Love and Peace be with you from AlanC at

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