Where has faith gone…

If one has faith
Then one is untouchable.
Fear can only prevail
Where there is no faith!

Are you afraid of something? The Dark, Death, Failure or financial ruin, CoViD 19?
Then ask yourself why?
If you are afraid for yourself or others, in any way
Then look to your lack of faith.

So, Faith in what?
God? A higher force? The Holy Spirit? Yourself and your own abilities even?
Whichever you choose, you will be right.
They are all on the same path and ultimately, Faith is trust!

If you can trust in any of the above
Then there is Hope.
Hope itself can bring Salvation
Salvation from the limits of ones own perception!

There is something out there,
In the dark AND the light.
The light is where we came from and it awaits our return,
But the Dark can envelop you and hold back your progress.

So the next time you let fear limit your perception
and your ultimate abilities and prospects.
Look to your faith, and go forth without fear.
Use it as a prop. A cane of reassurance or even a weapon against darkness!

If you truly have faith
Then you cannot lose.
You become invincible
and realise the immortality of God’s spark within you.

Go forth with faith.

Astral Unity
2021. All rights reserved.

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