The news according to Astral…09/11/16

Trump for president – Why not?

Here is someone that is used to handling balance sheets, budgets and forecasts, recruitment of individuals to fulfil key roles, with knowledge of Global markets and awareness of the risks and consequences of poor strategic decisions… All of this in one man. The scenario would otherwise have to be vested in tens if not hundreds of politicians with all but a few of them struggling with the concepts of responsible management and declarations of interest! I think the outcome was a no brainer… let’s see… perhaps the change will be refreshing for USA Inc.

Tsunami… Killings from wars such as Ukraine… Allepo…

Not acts of god, so much as nature and human nature, but nonetheless our prayers are with the families of those involved and we must have faith that Angels and Spirits are there, to guide and care for the loved ones that have been lost…

Rights for Raccoons…

Why not? Earth must maintain balance for the benefit of all inhabitants, whether human, animal or plant life. Its time that humankind as a Global race, started to see the bigger picture!

Sugary drinks… Tax or Ban?

One day it would be nice if the items in most local restaurants, cafes and bars, included sugar free and healthy goods as a default, rather than items that are harmful to health with very little choice otherwise! If greedy manufacturers and retailers didn’t hurt the populace in the name of profit, then such interventions would not be necessary! Time for everyone to get involved in re-thinking priorities it seems…

Love and Peace

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