Where do they go?

Where do they go?

They must go somewhere mustn’t they?
Otherwise how can they send us messages?
The messages can’t come from nowhere!
They go into the light.
What is that? The light I mean.
I Don’t know. But its round or oval shaped.
Energy or a portal I guess.
Its got a golden, pulsating glow.
Where is it then? Its position alters.
It hovers, usually in the corner of a room.
It gets bigger when someone is near death.
You can see shapes in it. People from the past!
Spirits! The spirits look out at us.
Its glow is bright… Warm!
They come and go from it too!
Grey, gold, white, blue, silver forms.
But why? Not sure but it looks busy.
Nurse type spirits come out.
They busy themselves around the dying loved one.
Can the loved one see it?
When they are near the end maybe.
So where do the messages come from?
The vibrations and on the senses.
Is it just imagination? No there are sensations.
Seeing, smelling, hearing sounds, feelings.
Also prickles, pins and needles, tingles, like toxic shock,
When they are around and come close.
Does it/they all come from the orb?
No. Thats just for dying people.
The Spirits just appear.
But how can that be? Not sure,
Must be a different energy.
The orb is one thing and spirit messengers another.
Why can’t we all see them?
We all can, if we learn the way.
Hmmm. Does it take long?
There is no time limit.
Just needs calmness of mind and body.
A willingness to just accept.
Accept what?
Knowledge or rather, a knowing.
Tapping of an inner wisdom.
Whatever is above, or on another plane of vibration,
Also connects to the light within us all.
What is the light within?
You will see it if you shut your eyes,
Feel it if you open your senses.
Understand it if you let go of your physical bonds.
I sense something when I do all that.
Then that is where they go!

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2 Responses to Where do they go?

  1. Humanity will not evolve further until a critical mass of individuals attain insight into the futility of a personal philosophy of self determination, based upon selfishness, greed and fear is replaced by one of kindness, love and tolerance. The human mind has been groomed and conditioned over past centuries through the belief their race, orthodox religion and politics are superior to others. The competitive nature between national , racial and religious communities for water, food, energy resources, material comforts, money and sophisticated weapons to wreak chaos and havoc on other communities will eventually result in global warfare. Unless intelligent, realistic, honest, practical, empathetic and compassionate individuals are prepared to engage in developing a new world order, scientific discoveries by those that retain power will be abused for their benefit at the expense of the masses.

    • acarter says:

      Dear Michael,
      Thank you for your kind contribution to our recent post regarding ‘where do they go’. We agree in general terms with your comments, and relative to the evolution of humanity, it is where individual ‘soul and spirit’ will end up, that is a focus in this post. We believe, in the context of your reply, that the actions of the individual may well determine the plane of existence they end up on, whether that be a higher or lower one! Similarly the ‘ intelligent, realistic, honest, practical, empathetic and compassionate individuals’ to which you refer, could indeed drive the evolutionary changes necessary to ensure we all receive the enlightenment necessary to achieve a higher plane of existence in the after life. How many generations it will take to reach this change is also an interesting point upon which to meditate. Thank you again for your thoughtful contribution. Alan.

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