Uncomplicate Life!

If it were not for Religion, Politics and the personal failings of people, then the world would be a much simpler place. It is true that because of the potential of people to be unjust toward others, the world needs an element of control, but Religion is not the way. Law goes some way, but even then some of its origins are questionable, as is its currency over time! Politics is merely a process for social administration but again, the natural propensity of people (or groups of people) with a common (or even corrupt) self interest, with intent to trample on or control others for personal gain interferes with this. What then should be done?

The answer lays somewhere in-between. Religion should not be allowed its place as a predominant theme, but does have a place to offer an underlying contribution to moral education and spiritual self discipline. Politics should be seen for the basic administration function that it is, with no single person (or elitist group) being allowed to hold sway over the future of a Country’s entire population! Peoples the world over should subscribe to a basic moral contract. Love one another, put others before self, and preserve, respect and protect the natural world that supports our life here on Earth.

There will be many wars, much loss of life, and rampant destruction of our planet, before new caretakers of the World borne out from the World (with no predominant interest other than common interest) will emerge to stabilise the situation. The process has already begun. We should pray for change to be completed quickly in order that suffering of people and our planet can be minimised. Most of all we should pray that we ourselves can change to meet the demands expected of us in living a life amongst others, of unconditional love!

Somehow we must go back to and preserve the first principles of humanity, reconfigure the model of life and keep it simple!

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  1. wow, so much truth and I agree with your perception of what the human race and its system needs as it feels right and true of what the principles of humanity are all about. How do you educate and share this insight of yours, to fbk friends that are not SN friends…most importantly, thank you for sharing!

    • acarter says:

      Hi Ruth and many thanks again for your much valued comment(s). It seems we have a long way to go as a collective race and global enlightenment will no doubt be a slow process! At least we are seeing some small examples of it in our lifetime through the people we connect with and even incremental improvement, is some improvement!
      The insight I receive and pass on through AU is inspired by spirit either through meditation, direct spirit messages and/or from working with my guides. I pass this on aswell, through FB in its own right which has a feed from AU and also SN which is again, an independent link. All readers and followers of AU are welcome to friend Astral Unity through such network forums if they wish. I also attend a spiritualist church as a Professional Medium, where messages and philosophy are passed on directly to the public through church services.
      Again I thank you for your positive interaction.
      Love and Peace from AlanC and all at AU.

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