Connecting with Spirit…

I have been asked to outline the process that I use when contacting spirit energies for philosophy and for providing messages of love and support. Well I can do better than that. Below is the full procedure. I would stress that each person can develop their own method and routine and that produced below is by no means prescriptive!
A Guide to spirit contact:
01. Be comfortable and well grounded so that there can be a clear distinction between the physical and spirit
02. Say protection prayer
Oh Lord I ask if it be thy will
That you bring Archangel Michael close to me
To surround me with your love and light
And protect me from negative energies
03. Say engagement prayer
Angels of the Lord be near me
Spirit Guides and helpers draw close
Help me to engage with the light of our Lord
that I may achieve enlightenment
(This prayer may be extended to include a particular purpose)
04. Cleanse the human form as a vessel for receiving divine communication
Picture pure white light travelling from head to toe and out through grounding,
cleansing and purifying the body within
Picture a column of fire surrounding the body, purifying the outer body and also the aura to at least a foot away and preferably a yard/metre
Purge the mind of all physical thought, such that spirit can be assured that they will not encounter the impurity of the physical mind (a mantra can be used to enhance progress to this state)
05. Slow down breathing and go to deep relaxation (DO NOT THINK!)
06. Envisage golden light of spirit essence overhead or adjacent
07. Feel own spirit being guided into the light (rapid eye movement/heat/cold/floating)
08. Engage higher spirit (you may experience tremble/shake/eyes water/enhanced senses) then experience calm and proceed to ask questions or accept visions/messages/gifts from spirit
09. After your encounter you should feel own spirit draw back to the physical vessel (your body)
10. Give thanks to all concerned in process (Items 2 & 3)
N.B. Allow time for recovery as the exercise requires use of a lot of energy!
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