In the world today is much anger and extremism (not allied to any one activity or religion in particular) and this points to the underlying reason why peace cannot prevail.

With man’s worship of and infatuations with,  his own technological achievements, it is clear that the attention of the individual is distracted from that connection one would have had with nature and spirit, had such technology not been so prevalent!

This displacement however, is not the only reason the world has problems. Even the very design of infrastructure for society i.e. in the form of the creation of large centres of housing, is enough to cause the loss of individual identity. Consider the conscience of the individual when he is interacting within a peer group that is well known (i.e. in a small village), compared to behaviours that may arise without chastisement or personal responsibility outside this environment such as in a town or furthermore a city environment.

The reasons and answers to this problem affecting peace through harmony then are clearly multi- faceted so one may ask, “what are we to do?”

When considering extreme behaviour, one must consider the context within which such behaviour exists. If drawing impetus from the base reasons of society, religion and/or upbringing, then there is hope for mankind if the individual can recognise and address this root cause. What is certain is that the world is changing and more extreme behaviour will follow as the foundations for long term peace are being laid through world events. This is particularly in evidence in the middle east at present and is spreading around the globe as capitalist and western markets come to terms with their problems.

It is the responsibility of every enlightened individual then, to find and address the balance.

To achieve balance one must learn to identify opportunities to dispel or fight the darkness that threatens to envelop this world. To bring love where it is absent, pray for those who are surrounded by darkness and evil, that they may be surrounded by the light and love of eternal spirit and do everything possible to help one’s neighbour to go forward in peace.

Balance also means countering abuse, bullying, discrimination, exploitation, fanaticism and racism, with equal measures that ultimately are put forward in love and peace. Encouraging human kind to recognise that the individual must accept the personal responsibility they have to themselves, each other and ultimately our cosmic divine energy (or God if you prefer).

For every hate preachers ‘negative’ rant, there should be an equal and opposite ‘positive’ message of love, for each ‘evil’ deed an equal and opposite ‘good’ deed, and so on until each is cancelled out and a universal harmony is realised. This will take some generations to complete. The children of our star children will be the instruments of this change. So let us pray that individuals and World Leaders alike, may be given the wisdom and personal integrity to act appropriately now, in order to lay the foundations that are necessary for our future in a new and better world!

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