Welcome to Astral Unity

Astral Unity is a Website hosted by Psychic and Spirit Medium Alan Carter. AU is dedicated to providing messages of hope and love from all spirit planes and guidance for promoting peace and unity of all life energies. As a ‘virtual church’, AU conducts a service at regular intervals where loved ones are remembered with particular mention of those posted on the ‘Memorial Wall’ and spiritual healing is also delivered to those posted on the ‘Healing Wall’ of astralunity.com

The AU site has also established several ‘categories’ in support of its objects and these are updated regularly to assist those with an interest in spiritual matters and general mediumship. To read more about the structure of the AU website please click the ‘About’ tag above and take a browse through our category pages to the right of this page.

This site is for YOU so any feedback or contributions are welcome just click on the ‘comment’ section provided below any post.

Thank You.


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