What is the point?

I am often asked (usually by loved ones in grief) what is the point of life? If we are born to die, why even bother?

The answer is not 42 c/o Mr Douglas Adams!

Picture oneself, or a bird, a plant or micro-organism even, in fact any living entity and then consider this point. They are all ‘alive’ because of their cosmic spirit. One can build a body from parts (forget Dr Frankenstein for a moment) but one could not inject into that body the cosmic spirit which is the very ‘spark of life’. Likewise, neither can such cosmic spirit as a pure form of energy, identify with physical sensations of touch, taste, smell or emotional feelings, such as happiness, mental pain, grief etc. unless it had first experienced this in a physical form.  

This then is the point. Regardless of religious belief, life itself is a marriage of the physical with spirit (or soul if you like) energy.

We are all on earth to experience senses, feelings and emotions (including from what we do to others and they have done to us) and to shape our learning from them into a meaningful (and positive) interpretation. This we take with us when we return ‘home’ from the physical and examine the progress made from our time here. The interactions with others (people, animals, plants etc.) serves to enrich this experience and this is why the world would be a much better place if all life was in balance and harmony, so our passing back to spirit could be made with the maximum benefit.

Ask not then, what is the point of life? Instead ask, have we contributed enough to life and gained enough from it, in order to return home as a more enlightened spirit? Have we helped others acheive this?

In my experience, every loved one that has passed back to spirit, comes through with messages of love and support, and relates past accounts of positive activity/memory/interactions, as validation to loved ones that they have indeed took the best of their learning with them from the physical. Their passing then (with all of its associated emotions), should be considered a contribution to our own progress and if looked upon in this positive light, may help one come to terms with such an event, however emotionally extreme and painful it may be!

Blessings to all.

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