Angels Need To Fly…

Borrowed from Heaven
The Angels fly
Making their way
Down from the sky
Choosing carefully
What life to live
The experiences,
That life can give
They come among us
To shine their light
Grandad’s light
Was lovely and bright
Gentle and warm
And one of a kind
His light remains in…
Our hearts and minds
So although he’s returned
To up above
I treasure the time,
He spent with us…
The light he’s left us
In our hearts is bright
And he’s with us always
Day and night
Smiling down
From heaven above
Till we meet again
United by Love.
By Michelle, for her Gran, in memory of her Grandad (Gransy) on what would have been the couples 50th wedding anniversary. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem, written from the heart Michelle. X Copyright retained by the Author and all rights reserved 2012
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