The Spirit Portal

He gazed upwards at the Portal,
that perfect ring of light.
A Tunnel with voices and sometimes form,
there, both day and night.
His face was one of distant thought,
pondering what came through.
A mix of dread and wonderment,
as loved ones called him to.
He knew a Journey lay ahead,
yet could not/would not face the fact.
That he had to leave those that he loved,
an awful scene to act!
“You’re all just waiting for me to die”,
a thought he voiced as true!
A reflection of his mind perhaps,
knowing there was nothing they could do.
Oh yes, they had tried several times,
when all, but Hope, was lost.
But even Chemo, his ‘Medicine’,
came at just ‘too Great’ a cost.
The Soul was willing, the Doctors too,
to try and gain more time.
To no avail, he lost his strength,
had reached his ‘End of Line’.
The Portal, it was steady now,
a floating Tunnel so bright.
The vision clearer, what to do,
emotion mixed with fright.
“Fear not” said I, to re-assure,
we know your journey is near.
The hands extend to guide you home,
just trust, the path is cleared.
There must have been a threshold crossed,
when his mind could finally rest.
A leap-of-faith, accepting those so dear,
could continue, he’d done his best.
So there it is, he stayed his course,
and showed us not to fear.
To follow one’s path with fortitude,
inspirational, it’s so clear.
I miss him, and know he misses us,
but sometimes he lets us sense,
The Sounds, the Smells, the Physical Ways,
that made our Love feel so intense!
He is with me now, as I write this note,
and I thank him for our Love.
The message here, is everyone’s,
they stay close to us, those above.
Thank you for your Love and Life Dad
God Bless


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4 Responses to The Spirit Portal

  1. we shared those feelings you and i and all our family stood close by. we knew the time had come for us to part. but your dad would live on within our hearts. life hasn’t been easy since that sad day that the angels took your dad away. but love and faith will keep him near because he’s loved so much and very dear god bless from the family xx

    • acarter says:

      We did indeed share those feelings and they are recorded here in memorium and in the hope that other may find comfort. Love Peace and Blessings. x

  2. Pat richards says:

    I’ve read and re-read this beautiful verse thank you for sharing x

    • acarter says:

      Dear Pat,

      Thank you for your most valued comment in support of the work we do at Astral Unity and I am glad you found some comfort from our efforts.

      Love, Peace and Light from AlanC

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