Losing a young life…

There are many who would ask… why did it happen so young?

One must remember that each precious moment that we live (yes even at a cellular level in  conception, in the womb or even in a coma), we are serving some higher spiritual purpose.

To experience even a fleeting moment of life, is still to “Live a Lifetime”!

We must carry this thought with us when losing any loved one, at whatever stage they reached in life. A Mayfly can live anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours, yet it will be liberated spiritually for every micro-second of its existence. So too, are those whom we love and have lost, as they take their life-long journey across their own time-line of ‘being’.

I say, therefore, let us not be saddened at our loss. Instead let us be thankful on behalf of our loved ones, for that joyous opportunity that, against great physical and chemical odds, presented a moment for them to join us in the physical world. Providing meaning and value to both their own and our own life, for a time… however short!

Love and Peace.


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