Recent Manchester (UK) Bombing…

I recently posted on astralunity’s facebook pages (link button is on the RHS of this site), about the Manchester Arena bombing and a contrasting post regarding Najih Shaker Al-Baldwai, a muslim man who shielded innocents from a suicide bomber recently, giving up his own life in the process.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by these terrible events. Let us be certain in our knowledge, that these acts were not perpetrated by ‘heroes’ or ‘soldiers of religion’, but by cowardly murderers. Their acts will not guarantee them a place as ‘martyrs’ within the next kingdom of consciousness, but they will reside there as the lowest form of negative energy, where their souls can never be at rest.

Meanwhile those innocent children, parents and in the case of Najih, youths that had their whole lives of potential ahead of them, will be remembered in our prayers forever. Showered with our warmest wishes of love and wrapped forever in the light of higher consciousness, with no concerns as to the torments and divine retribution such as their killers will have to face.

Eventual forgiveness ( may possibly be found in the hearts of those affected, and as such this would ultimately benefit their own spiritual progress as they continue their journey through life, but there can be no way forward for those who continue to promote terrorism and permeate the lives of innocents with murderous intentions. They have only the darkness of hell to look forward to and long may they held in its stark embrace.

The enlightened Peoples that constitute the many and varied races of the World must stick together, now more than ever, and remain united through these hard and testing times. Whilst such contrasts as those above exist to prove the point, there is still great hope for the future of mankind in our combined love and caring for each other.

Love and peace.

AlanC x

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