Do not let your Christian belief be eroded…

I asked for some guidance today.

The ‘Good News Bible’ I own, (one of several different makes and versions I have), opened at MALACHI 2-7 with the scripture “It is the duty of priests to teach the true knowledge of God”.

Simple and obvious really, I suppose!

Against the backdrop of national news today, that only 46.2% of people in England and Wales, describe themselves as being of the Christian religion, then I am compelled to speak out. As instructed by Malachi.

As far back as 2001, there were 71.7% of people in England and Wales, who described themselves as ‘Christian’. So what has happened, to turn our once proud Christian country, into an Island of people who have lost their faith? Either to paganism and any other manner of substitutes, or to a status of complete ‘Non-Religion’.

I don’t know the answer. But I do know that it is NOT ageing, fertility, mortality or even migration. Agnosticism as an excuse, I do understand, but only partially. Whilst it is potentially reasonable, to ‘cop-out’ during the census, on the suggestion that the existence of God is unknowable, this does not mean the supreme being should be denied. You do know him. You know his works in you, and the love he has for you. If anyone denies the existence of God, then they deny their own existence!

As the archeological world, turn up yet more and more evidence to ‘support’ the provenance of biblical scripture, it seems more and more Christians are turning away. My message is that ‘It is time to turn back’!

God is with you. His Son Jesus, died for the sins of everybody, in the greatest show of symbolic forgiveness, that could ever be mustered for the sake of humanity. His Mother Mary  sheds tears for you. His Guardian Angels watch over you. His healing and love, imparted through the Holy Spirit, comforts and heals you.

Embrace and defend your faith.



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Changing a dying world…

The Mental Health of our youngsters and more mentally vulnerable workforce is constantly under attack, with the demotivating stories of doom and gloom, constantly being relayed in the media. We need to give them aim and purpose, so they feel they are part of championing the future and security of the planet.

Standing up to global bullies and calling them out unilaterally is also part of this ‘leading by example’. If Putin wants war, then take it to him! Either put -up or shut-up Putin, as the World could do with a reset anyway, so what have we got to lose?

Unfortunately the human life ‘Model’ was wrong from day one, with the gains of the few, put before the welfare of the many! We need to re-map global distribution of people, agri- food crops and the balance of wealth distribution. This of course is a frightening prospect and major disruptor to capitalist markets and communist regimes alike, where ‘people’ fuel power, but re-balanced it can be, and this strikes at the very heart of the change management that is required for the future.

Equally those elected to ‘represent the people’, need to start doing so, without barriers and condescension, secrets and hidden agendas. Unfortunately this is a programme that would span many generations and whilst social media could faciltate a devolved approach to the administration of countries, so called elected representatives would not give up such power easily.

The people of the planet are blamed for the destruction of the planet, but this world of the fast-buck and gross profiteering, came from a corporate base. From convincing the population through marketing that they need the latest and the greatest and  then encouraging individual indebtedness to fund the purchase. The rapid product life cycle ‘churn-for-profit, leading to the disposable hardware society we have now and its consequent waste management problems. It is the past industrialists and high society elites, that have already made mega-profits from raping and pilaging the resources and people of the planet, that should be forced to now relinquish their gains to save it!

Remember that regardless of the outcome, you will always have a home in God.

love and Peace.

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Hard times calls for hard faith…

Worry not about these hard times.

Your faith is being tested.

But you can still be an example to others.

Whoever you are remember there are others who are much worse off.

So much so they have no home, no food and certainly no computer to be inspired by this post!

Keep the faith!


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Got pinged and don’t believe it… Don’t delete the App – Get Tested!

NHS Covid App

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Where has faith gone…

If one has faith
Then one is untouchable.
Fear can only prevail
Where there is no faith!

Are you afraid of something? The Dark, Death, Failure or financial ruin, CoViD 19?
Then ask yourself why?
If you are afraid for yourself or others, in any way
Then look to your lack of faith.

So, Faith in what?
God? A higher force? The Holy Spirit? Yourself and your own abilities even?
Whichever you choose, you will be right.
They are all on the same path and ultimately, Faith is trust!

If you can trust in any of the above
Then there is Hope.
Hope itself can bring Salvation
Salvation from the limits of ones own perception!

There is something out there,
In the dark AND the light.
The light is where we came from and it awaits our return,
But the Dark can envelop you and hold back your progress.

So the next time you let fear limit your perception
and your ultimate abilities and prospects.
Look to your faith, and go forth without fear.
Use it as a prop. A cane of reassurance or even a weapon against darkness!

If you truly have faith
Then you cannot lose.
You become invincible
and realise the immortality of God’s spark within you.

Go forth with faith.

Astral Unity
2021. All rights reserved.

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Two Paths…

One Person
Two Threads
The Physical
The Spiritual
Two Paths

Take the Light
Take the Dark
A Divergent route?
Or coming together?
Two Paths

Born with Instinct
One to Love, One to hate
To Live
To Feel
Two Paths

Cold Like Steel
Soft like Light
Slow and Heavy
or the way illuminated
Two Paths

Within a finite span
A limitless quest
Decay and Death
The price for pure knowledge
Two Paths

To lay to rest
In infinite peace
Gone yet,
Beyond the Veil
Two Paths

The Experience
The Wisdom
The coming together
One Miracle convergence
Two Paths

Alan Carter

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Living in hope…

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A call from home…

I post this message, wondering if it should be categorised as a Spirit Message or an item of Philosophy. Perhaps it is both?

Anyway, here goes…!

I awoke early on the morning of 26th February 2019, with an odd feeling inside and around me. It is hard to describe what I felt but a dullness had pervaded me, like I was waiting for something. Expectant, but not knowing what to expect. I was almost hesitant but not in the way one would be if they were anticipating an event, more as feeling a sense of curiosity, or as one waiting to see what would happen next.

The room was still and I sensed nothing, felt nothing but calm and stillness. It was like I was in a fog of still energy but not dark energy. As time elapsed, at a rate I could not determine, the following unfolded before me…

i) I maintained an increasingly sinking and closed in feeling
ii) I became totally enveloped by a tangible ‘nothingness’
iii) Time seemed to stand still
iv) My breathing seemed to be on-hold, yet I was not holding my breath
v) I had a clear sense of detachment from my physical body
vi) As I became aware of detachment and sensed I was free to pass away or stay in the physical, a fear developed
vii) The sense of separation increased, I became aware I was being pulled further into the deepening silence, time was running out
viii) I became fully aware that it was decision time, do I stay or go
ix) I realised I was not ready…I shouted out…MY GIRLS
x) Upon this exclamation I snapped back to physical reality!

The whole episode had caught me off-guard. I realised how easily I could have been called to spirit and how some earthly thought, had made the process stop. In the instance of shouting ‘My GIRLS’, I had simultaneously rationalised that

i) My Mother had already Lost a husband and her only other son and I did not want her to suffer the loss of another nor leave her alone
ii) My eldest Daughter faces a struggle with the health of my Grand Daughter and needs my help
iii) My youngest Daughter is expecting another Grand Child and would be devastated if I was not around at her birth
iv) My female Grand Children have witnessed great loss of family members in a short period of time and would face unbearable grief
v) My Girlfriend has also suffered great loss and would be devastated on top of recent family losses

All of the above and my exclamation, must have passed through my mind in a millisecond. It caused me to pause and reflect on life. More-over it made me consider the arrangements I have in place should I suddenly ‘go’. I thought I had already settled my affairs in the event of my death, when I had faced bullets in Turkey in 2016, but this whole experience made me review current arrangements and also change my Will. Time passes so quickly and I would encourage everyone, on the basis of my experience, to do the same and regularly review their situation regarding those that are left behind.

I am not sure when I will ‘Get the Call’ again, or if I will be given another opportunity to ‘opt-out’ but when I do, next time I will be ready.



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Healing Update

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