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Two Paths…

One Person Two Threads The Physical The Spiritual Two Paths Take the Light Take the Dark A Divergent route? Or coming together? Two Paths Born with Instinct One to Love, One to hate To Live To Feel Two Paths Cold … Continue reading

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Living in hope…

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A call from home…

I post this message, wondering if it should be categorised as a Spirit Message or an item of Philosophy. Perhaps it is both? Anyway, here goes…! I awoke early on the morning of 26th February 2019, with an odd feeling … Continue reading

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Healing Update

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Spiritual healing…

Thank you for visiting the Healing Wall of Astral Unity. If you wish to post the name of a loved one(s) for healing and receipt of general energy upliftment then you are welcome to do so in the name of Love, … Continue reading

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Appreciate one another…

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Donation from Justice Lebron…

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Past lives revisted…

I Remember… When I was but a young boy. I see through a vignette, a window to… Medieval times? I run and play, youthful, Young thoughts of a different kind. Then something! A floating feeling I watch a skinny body, … Continue reading

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There is nothing you or I can do about it!

I lay here, waiting to die Looking ahead at the room but not seeing it Waiting… My mind racing. I can see my loved ones around me In the peripheral vision of my glazed eyes As I stare straight ahead … Continue reading

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Tourism in Spain and its effects

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