London bombings (June 2017)…

The terrorists in London last night shouted out that their terrible actions towards others were for Allah.

Normal Brits as a consequence, claimed that Allah must therefore be evil.

How sad and misguided that people can be misled in such a way. The terrorists acts were not instructed by, or would be condoned in any way, by Allah. This was said by the terrorists in a desperate bid to try and turn fellow peoples against each other!

God whatever his name given by people, will receive prayer and love anytime, but will otherwise abhor transgressions from his words which simply promote love and peace through global unity. The thoughts, words and deeds of such terrorists is the only evil that must be overcome. Such killings, just as those similarly witnessed around the globe, were just for the sake of killing and the perpetrators will be answerable to the very god they are supposed to have served. Their sentence will be harsh with their souls wallowing in the pits of hell!

God bless all peoples of the world that do not rise to the bait of sectarianism and remain united in love and peace.

Love and Peace.

AlanC x

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