A Sad World…

As I sit here…
reading books excluded from the bible.
I think of the great injustices of life!
The ability of humankind, to manipulate others
by word and deed, lies and misdeed,
to defraud and deceive for personal gain.
Could it be this World is, and is not, what God intended?
Yet he planned for it. Must have!
Else - was it wise to build everything on trust alone?
 I do not question god, or godhead or infinite power.
It is people that I question!
I wonder, if he is capable of such, does god feel disappointment?
Something is going to happen, perhaps needs to happen?
That is of biblical proportions…
I would ask, even then, like the Holy Books teach us… Will it be enough?
Whilst the beat of every mans heart…
fails to recognise the forces of good and evil played upon it…
then there will be WAR!
A World that hosts darkness, Is a World that hath no Wonder
Save for those bent on sinful ways!
The Love and Peace of our Lord, be with us all when we fall!
Yet still, we can Pray for the light…
Even a small gap in the curtain…
can throw enough light on the path, to guide others on their way.
The Father can chastise the Child, but who will chastise the Father?
Bring that which is within, without!
That all may be learned in their ways.
Love and Peace from AlanC
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One Response to A Sad World…

  1. acarter says:

    Ryu Ryan, Alan Paul, Carol Anne, Rylan Mims…Thank You. I agree that Love is the only way forward in a dark world. Otherwise blackness would beget more blackness. Love will endure I am sure, as it is timeless. I trust the great promise that will prove the purse of Love is greater than the purse of darkness. The trouble is, the difference between those purses! Which will be measured in the blood of humankind, many of them innocents!

    Jaana thank you also. I agree there is a Karmic element to this record. However, Let us hope the world is ready to dance to the new beat!

    I meditate and pray for all those that face suffering. Love and Peace be with you all dear friends.

    AlanC x

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