No to terrorism!

With one small voice amongst many I ask,
ISIS and any terrorist regime, please will you stop this?
Stop this needless, pointless, fighting and killing,
causing pain and suffering in the name of what? Religion? Idealism?

We are all human and should live together as one people,
let us respect one another and indeed, all life.
Please become enlightened. Do not let evil take your hearts. For those who kill others, there is not Martyrdom only an emptying of the Soul’s progress!

Your physical life, deeds and interaction with others, will determine your spiritual path. This can be an upwards and progressive path!

Instead, your lack of insight, application of inner knowledge to control your very being, causes ultimate submission to dark forces, this can only expose your spirit to a downward spiral of selfishness and self destruction! Therefore, you will never know the true error and futility of your ways until it is too late!

The path of true enlightenment comes from your God-given wisdom, the knowledge of right and wrong that is within us all and is our task on earth to uncover, acknowledge and practice. We must help others to progress with their life-lessons and this means preserving life, not taking it! Turn back towards the light now! Know Love and Peace. Feel it! Live it!


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2 Responses to No to terrorism!

  1. acarter says:

    A Valuable contribution from my SN Friend…

    Ryan “LunaWolf” Smith
    As much as I agree with what you have said Astral Unity, I fear it is partly misplaced.
    See there is no sense in calling for a group of brainwashed people to return to the path of honour and peace, they cannot hear you.
    This war that we are currently fighting is one, just like all other’s before, backed and controlled by forces above and apart from our government’s, each side thinks that they’re fighting in the name of freedom although our media would have you believe otherwise.
    Only when the people shake away their strings and rise up as one against the puppet master’s will we know how to live as one, in peace.
    At least that is my personal opinion on the matter…

  2. acarter says:

    My Reply…

    Thank you for your valuable thoughts Ryan and yes it is indeed sad that this voice may not have much effect on such events. However we must all state our viewpoint in any way possible, in the hope that Karma draws the attention of lost souls to happen upon our posts and somehow be inspired by our words, however remote the chance. As I just said to a dear friend on FB I agree the general principal that the very people in the World that are supposed to protect and feed us all, thrive in maintaining division and mistrust amongst us. This does not only apply to Governments but also any organised bodies of people, that have power or control agendas. It is not in their interests to see the World as one people. Love and Peace to you dear friend.

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